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Adaptive Grazing Rebuilds Soil, Increases Pasture Acres

Introducing diversity of animals, cover crops & new management practices provides path for regenerative land management at Noble Research Institute

On the Noble Research Institute’s research ranches and pastures, which cover 14,000 acres across southern Oklahoma, visitors might be surprised to see sheep and goats mingling with cattle on pastureland.

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Ag States of America: Vermont

Color, Clarity, Density and…Flavor? No, it isn’t diamonds. It’s the grading scale of Vermont Maple syrup. That isn’t all though. The small but mighty state is also known for its artisan cheeses. That’s half a breakfast plate right there! Learn more about what else Vermont produces in this episode of Ag States of America, brought to you by Pivot Bio.
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Ag States of America: Pennsylvania

Close to 60% of Pennsylvania is covered in forests. That still leaves 7.3 million acres of farmland for producers to raise livestock, mushrooms and haylage (hey what?). Learn more about what else the Keystone State produces in this episode of Ag States of America, brought to you by Pivot Bio.
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Applying Manure with a Dragline Helps No-Tillers with Cover Crop Termination

Growers from Perrysville, Ohio, utilize manure from their 650-cow dairy to maintain high-yielding double crops, and feed for their herd.
The practice of using a dragline on emerging corn began in 2019, due to the extremely wet weather rearranging the Ayers’ cover crop termination schedule. The termination date varies each year, thanks to several factors, including the custom spraying schedule, the weather and what herbicide program the Ayers are using. They typically use glyphosate and 2,4-D to terminate the cereal rye.
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Using an Animal Comfort Tool to Monitor Livestock Conditions

Summer brings the heat, often amplified by higher humidity. Warmer-than-normal temperatures, especially at night, can cause heat stress to develop rapidly in livestock. The Kansas Mesonet has an Animal Comfort Tool that can help monitor conditions and aid farmers in making the best management decisions.

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NNTC16 Audio Presentations

Maximizing Your Cover Crop Investment for Better No-Till Health and Profits - Darin Williams - NNTC 2016 Presentation - MP3 Download


Increased water infiltration, less erosion, cleaner water and improved overall health of cash crops are just a few benefits Darin Williams has witnessed since adding cover crops to his 2,000-acre no-till operation in east central Kansas. Williams discusses these benefits and several more, including how cover crops have reduced his weed population and chemical inputs and allowed his non-GMO crops to do just as well as GMOs. He also shares how adding livestock to the operation has maximized his investment in cover crops, as well as his experience in marketing cover crop seed to seed companies.


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