Put Some ‘Mustard’ on Your Earthworm Sampling Methods
Soil Health, No-Till 101

Put Some ‘Mustard’ on Your Earthworm Sampling Methods

The undisputed indicator of healthy soil is the presence of earthworms in the soil profile. There are various methods of sampling or extraction to estimate the level of worm communities and analyze the different species present.

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  • 6 Tips for Switching to No-Till

    No-till is one of the most popular and effective conservation practices but making the switch from tilling to not can be intimidating. Check out these 6 tips for transitioning to no-till from the NRCS.
  • Cover Crops Required in New York Town

    New legislation addresses last winter's dust storms that led to wind erosion and health concerns among New York residents living in eastern Long Island.
  • Making Continuous Corn Work

    Yield drag is widely associated with continuous corn as a result of the cooler and wetter soils, nitrogen (N) immobilization, increased disease risk, and allelopathy which often result from high corn residue volume. Follow these tips from Iowa State University for the best possible corn-on-corn results.
  • Corn Harvest Remains Behind, Soybean Harvest Mostly Caught Up

    This week’s USDA Crop Progress report showed that corn harvest remains behind both the 5 year average and the 2018 harvest numbers, while soybean harvest continues to regain lost ground, matching the 2018 harvest for this week.
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Attend the 2020 National No-Tillage Conference

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The 28th annual National No-Tillage Conference offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience assembling the best no-tillers, agronomists and researchers together in one location to share cutting-edge ideas and strategies to improve the profitability and efficiency of your no-till system.


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  • John Dobberstein 2

    Which Category Do You Fall in — Messiah or Pariah?

    Will the gradual change in farm production practices to more wholistic methods, including no-till systems, be fought in coffee shops or courtrooms? Read about battles flaring up in two different states.
  • Lessiter_Frank.png

    Cover Crops vs. Winter Warming

    As northern growers gear up for colder weather, it’s a good time to consider whether cover crops can have any impact on winter temperatures and global warming.
  • No-Tillers at the Heart of the Regenerative Ag Movement

    General Mills, Dannon, Land O’ Lakes, Syngenta, Corteva, Wrangler, PepsiCo, The Nature Conservancy. What do they all have in common? These companies and organizations — among others — are working to advance the role of agriculture in addressing the demands of health-conscious consumers while also helping to combat the effects of climate change while improving food security issues across the globe.
  • John Dobberstein 2

    Read the Fine Print on Tillage, Pulse Yields

    Find out what a recent University of Nebraska study concludes about germination and yields for two pulse crops after tillage was done, and what important caveats the research doesn’t address.

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Ray Ward on Soil Testing and No-Till Nutrient Management

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer Influencers & Innovators podcast, brought to you by Topcon Agriculture, No-Till Farmer editor Frank Lessiter talks with soil scientist Ray Ward, who founded Ward Laboratories after identifying the need for a new approach to making soil fertility recommendations.

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Agronomy matters and Topcon Agriculture application solutions make it work. From planning to precision machine control, Norac’s boom height control, monitoring and mapping, to data management, you have the total set of solutions to maximize your agronomic plan. Find out how to make the most of your 4R Nutrient Stewardship with precision technology that is unmatched in ease of use. Visit them at TopconPositioning.com/GrowingSolutions.

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Focusing on Smarter, Sustainable Fertilizing Strategies

In agriculture, improved management practices have to make sense in dollars and cents. Sustainable agriculture means stewardship of the land, air and water — but it also means doing this in a way that is profitable over the long-term. Sustaining and further improving crop yield is the best objective of soil health. Continuous improvement of crop yield is extremely dependent on how we plan to invest and sustain the soil ecosystem to withstand environmental threats and stripping of key nutrients needed to sustain agriculture.

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Turning Your Sprayer into an Effective No-Till Asset

Turning Your Sprayer into an Effective No-Till Asset

Make your spraying operations an even more valuable tool for your no-till system with this special 32-page management report. Get up to speed on the cost-saving precision spray technologies available on the market and pick up several how-to tips on improving application effectiveness. Plus, hear first-hand from No-Till Farmer readers as they share some of the updates they’ve made to their sprayers to ratchet up performance.

Getting More From Your Nitrogen Investment

Getting More From Your Nitrogen Investment

Discover numerous tools and application strategies at your disposal today including the case for moving nitrogen (N) applications in corn to later in the season and the potential that crop sensors are showing for targeted N applications to increase efficiency and profitability. Plus, learn about certain species of cover crops that can fix significant amounts of N.

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