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No-Till Innovation Comes in Leaps and Bounds

No-Till Innovation Comes in Leaps and Bounds

Conley farms 120 acres for feed (silages, dry hay and high-moisture corn) for his 52-cow dairy, located down a dirt road amid a small fold of hills in Dodge County. The hills make for stunning views of the surrounding countryside, and his barn and silo. They also pose unique management challenges. Or they did, until recently.

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  • [Podcast] Conservation Ag Fellowship: Lifelong No-Till Learning

    For this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by SOURCE by Sound Agriculture, we caught up with Jim Leverich of Sparta, Wis., to ask him about some of the things he’s learned about no-till since he was first introduced to the practice back in the 1980s.
  • New Strategy for Growing Cereal Crops with Less Fertilizer

    Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have found a way to reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizers needed to grow cereal crops. The discovery could save farmers in the United States billions of dollars annually in fertilizer costs while also benefiting the environment.
  • Want to Cut Your Machine Expenses by Another Two-Thirds?

    National Geographic reported that equipment costs on 1,235 acres — almost exactly the same as the average no-tiller’s operation — could be cut by nearly two-thirds by adopting autonomous farm machinery.
  • No-Till Highlights: August 11, 2022

    No-Till Farmer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at the grower's realm from the lofty digital realm. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web.

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No-Till Farming 101

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Focus on Biology for Better Soil Health
For farmers aiming for sustainable and profitable crop production, optimizing soil health and function is the ultimate endgame.

What You Should Know About No-Till Planters
For no-tillers, the planter is the most crucial piece of equipment on their farm. This article will take you through the basic components of a no-till planter and provide you with tips for no-till planter maintenance from experienced pros in the industry.

Digging Into the Principles of Regenerative Ag
Based on the principles of building healthy soil, regenerative ag aims to not only sustain farm productivity but to actually work with nature to regenerate the soil, increase biodiversity and enhance the farming ecosystem.

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No-Till Passport Series

Ecological Farming Proves Beneficial for Farmers in Africa

An international team of scientists has found that eco-friendly practices such as growing a range of crops, including legumes such as beans or pigeon peas, and adding plant residues or manure to soils can raise food crop yields in places such as rural Africa, where small-scale farmers cannot apply much nitrogen fertilizer.

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  • Brian-O-Connor.jpg

    No 'Holy War' (Just Hole-y Data) on No-Till Carbon

    The article, published in Anthropocene magazine, cites a study published in the journal "Geoderma," and set for release in the journal's November issue. The study has some issues. Perhaps because no-tillers are passionate and proud folks who take their preferred agricultural practices seriously, some of them are hopping mad.
  • Lessiter_Frank.png

    Two Serious Threats to No-Till Weed Control

    Glyphosate has been under fire due to thousands of non-ag lawsuits being filed against Bayer, who inherited many of these concerns when they purchased Monsanto in 2018. In addition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently taken steps to crack down on the use of atrazine.
  • Randy DeSutter

    Opinion: Why Pesticides are a Good Idea

    I’m no stranger to the controversy that surrounds pesticide use. However, I’d love a chance to explain the benefits I see and my thoughts on the negative perceptions.
  • Brian-O-Connor.jpg

    Gee, Wiz: Glyphosate Found In Urine

    So we found glyphosate in a lot of urine. Now what?

No-Till Farmer Podcast

[Podcast] Conservation Ag Fellowship: Lifelong No-Till Learning

For this No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by SOURCE by Sound Agriculture, we caught up with Jim Leverich of Sparta, Wis., to ask him about some of the things he’s learned about no-till since he was first introduced to the practice back in the 1980s.

No-Till Farmer podcast series is brought to you by SOURCE®️ by Sound Agriculture.

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Planter Maintenance with Precision Planting

Down Force: Applying Too Much, Too Little and the Right Amount

Down force has become a hot topic over the last 10 years in precision agriculture. Does it really matter? How can knowledge of your down force help you?

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The Planter Maintenance series is brought to you by Precision Planting. Precision Planting, LLC is the leading provider of practical and effective precision ag technologies to help make farmers smarter every season.

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No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook

No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook

Transitioning from conventional farming to no-till and incorporating the use of cover crops requires a higher level of management, but with No-Till Farmer's new No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook, you now have easy access to the critical information you need on field preparation, equipment requirements, how no-till and covers impact other agronomic practices and more.

Understanding Soil Fertility for Higher Yields

Understanding Soil Fertility for Higher Yields

This special report was put together to help farmers understand soil fertility and the connection with crop yields. From Neal Kinsey’s explanation of how to nurture soils so they become a thriving, productive system to the importance of sulfur to identifying nutrient imbalances on real-life soil tests, the topics covered illuminate today’s generally accepted understanding of soil fertility.                                                                              
Fine-Tuning No-Till Performance with Better Planter Technology

Fine-Tuning No-Till Performance with Better Planter Technology

This 24 page special report is designed to bring you practical information and tips on how to improve each and every facet of your no-till planter, from attachments to GPS systems to evaluating various setups. Expert advice from long-time no-tillers, no-till researchers and planter consultants offer valuable insights into modifications and adjustments that will help you achieve better stands and ultimately better yields.                                                        
Built to Last: No-Till's Trials & Triumphs... 60 Years Later

Built to Last: No-Till's Trials & Triumphs... 60 Years Later

This 44-page Special Commemorative Edition is meant to honor the shoulders of those on which no-tillers stand on today, and to also remind the next generation that true, revolutionary breakthroughs in farming are still possible. More than 110 million acres proves it. Based on detailed research, historical discoveries and many conversations with farmers who proudly shared their personal no-till memories, this fascinating report dives into all aspects within the rich history of no-till farming.

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