Precise Nutrient, Cover Crop Use Cleans Up Chesapeake
Cover Crops, Nutrient Management

Precise Nutrient, Cover Crop Use Cleans Up Chesapeake

Although Trey Hill has been farming around 10,000 acres in Rock Hall, Md., his whole life, he’s quick to mention that he’s more a student than a teacher. It’s this instinct that leads him to perpetually tweak his nitrogen (N) management and cover-crop program, forever in search of more conservative and efficient techniques for the fourth generation family-run Harborview Farms.

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  • John Dobberstein 2

    Sticking with No-Till During Tough Times

    A trip this week through Kansas was a lesson about the perils of drought, but also the potential of no-till and cover crops to build resilient soils that have a better chance of weathering dry periods.
  • John Dobberstein 2

    Visual Proof that No-Till Keeps Soils in Place

    You need to see this video that shows how powerful a tool no-till practices can be for keeping soils in place, which if done on a more widespread basis might have reduced the severity of dust storms that recently plagued eastern Nebraska.
  • NTF-Guest-Viewpoint.png

    Soil Health Reaches Beyond Just No-Till

    This guest blog is based on comments originally left by No-Till Farmer reader John Meyer, a no-tiller with 400 acres just west of Stewartville, Minn. His comments were in response to Frank Lessiter’s May 2018 No-Till Farmer column titled, “Same Old Conservation Ideas, Just New Words to Describe Them.”
  • John Dobberstein 2

    Ogallala Aquifer Summit a First Step — But What’s Next?

    A recent two-day summit about preserving the crucial aquifer drew officials from several states, but the real-life hard work of addressing low adoption of water-saving practices like no-till and precision technology still lies ahead.

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Regenerating No-Till Soils After a Season of Saturated Soil

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Montag Mfg., we welcome Barry Fisher, a veteran soil health expert and regional team leader with Indiana’s NRCS office to discuss soil health strategies.

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Improving the Performance of No-Till Drills

This webinar, sponsored by Exapta Solutions, helps you look closely at your no-till drill setup to improve seed spacing and placement for better stands and yield potential. No-till consultant and Exapta founder Matt Hagny shared his proven techniques and top-notch tips to improve the poor seed placement common with no-till drills and help them perform more like no-till planters.

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Getting More From Your Nitrogen Investment

Getting More From Your Nitrogen Investment

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