Combining Experience with Experimentation for a Progressive, Profitable Strip-Till System

Combining Experience with Experimentation for a Progressive, Profitable Strip-Till System

The phrase “change is constant” is an appropriate one to summarize the ever-evolving strip-till operation that Megan Wallendal and her husband, Eric, manage at Alsum Farms, in Grand Marsh, Wis.

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  • Worm-Like Robots to Gather Underground Insights

    Crop scientists over the years have learned a great deal about how plants grow above the ground, but much less is known about roots and their soil interactions. To rectify that, worm-like, soil-swimming robots are being deployed to sense and record soil properties, water, the soil microbiome and how roots grow, says Cornell University.
  • Valent BioSciences Announces World Soil Day Initiatives

    In support of World Soil Day, celebrated on December 5, Valent BioSciences has announced several strategic initiatives that highlight the importance of healthy soils and sustainable crop production.
  • Cover Crop Corner: The Gift of Cover Crops

    Producers, researchers and cover crop experts from GO SEED share the cover crop gifts they are most thankful for.
  • Top No-Till Stories from November 2020

    In case you missed them, here are the items that have garnered the most interest from farmers in the past month.
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Virtual National Strip-Tillage Conference

NNTC Virtual Review

Join today's top strip-tillers, agronomists and researchers for 3-days of unrivaled online learning and networking during the 2020 Virtual National Strip-Tillage Conference. Discover cutting-edge ideas, techniques and strategies from the most innovative, forward-thinking minds in strip-till today to raise your level of strip-till profitability, efficiency and efficacy. Register now for just $49. LEARN MORE


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  • Slugging it Out with Pre-Plant Insecticides: Is it Worth it?

    Giving up a practice doesn’t necessarily equal failure. When it comes to slug control, it may be exactly what’s needed.
  • Frank Lessiter, No-Till Farmer Editor

    More No-Till, Less Farm Stress

    I’ve always felt no-tillers tend to be more optimistic and happier than the general farm population. Like everyone else in farming, you don’t like low commodity prices, dealing with numerous government regulations and ever-increasing input costs. At the same time, no-tillers don’t seem to get as concerned or complain as much about things they can’t control.
  • John Dobberstein 2

    5 No-Till ‘Tools’ to be Thankful For in 2020

    I saw something on Facebook the other day that actually didn’t make me clench my teeth or roll my eyes. It actually made me laugh.
  • Can We Talk About Climate Change? Here is What We Agree On

    As someone who has now clocked over thirty years of working with farmers and ranchers (and agriculture organizations) on multiple natural resource issues and policies, I can tell you from my experience that people’s opinions on climate change seem to break down roughly into one of four categories.

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Ag Innovations: Carbon Farming and Swarm Technology

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast series, brought to you by Yetter, Jack Zemlicka, editorial director here at Lessiter Media, spoke with 6th-generation farmer Ben Riensche, owner and manager of Blue Diamond Farming Company in Jesup, Iowa.

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Cover Crop Strategies

Cover Crop Strategies

The editors of Cover Crop Strategies and No-Till Farmer created this 24-page special report to share ideas on getting covers established, using a roller-crimper for termination, successfully integrating livestock into a cover-crop system and using covers to transition away from an overdependence on herbicides and fertilizers. 
Covering Up, Part 4: Getting Results with Innovative Cover Crop Systems

Covering Up, Part 4: Getting Results with Innovative Cover Crop Systems

In this 32-page special report, you’ll read about some of the farmers and researchers who are pushing the boundaries of cover crop management, discovering new ways they can extend the growing season, supplement grazing, capture more sunlight, feed the biology underground and even improve the bottom line.
Turning Your Sprayer into an Effective No-Till Asset

Turning Your Sprayer into an Effective No-Till Asset

Make your spraying operations an even more valuable tool for your no-till system with this special 32-page management report. Get up to speed on the cost-saving precision spray technologies available on the market and pick up several how-to tips on improving application effectiveness. Plus, hear first-hand from No-Till Farmer readers as they share some of the updates they’ve made to their sprayers to ratchet up performance.

Getting More From Your Nitrogen Investment

Getting More From Your Nitrogen Investment

Discover numerous tools and application strategies at your disposal today including the case for moving nitrogen (N) applications in corn to later in the season and the potential that crop sensors are showing for targeted N applications to increase efficiency and profitability. Plus, learn about certain species of cover crops that can fix significant amounts of N.

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