In Their Own Words: Making Cover Crops Work
Cover Crops, Soil Health

In Their Own Words: Making Cover Crops Work

Three no-tillers and ranchers speaking at the Southern Soil Health Conference in Ardmore, Okla., share how integrating cover crops into their livestock operations improved soil health, productivity and profitability.

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  • John Dobberstein 2

    Harvesting Moisture, Slowing the Desert

    A simple change in perception is helping growers in Niger make the most of the rainfall they receive and improve the productivity of their dryland crops, beating back the creeping ‘cancer’ of desertification.
  • 3 No-Till Takeaways from Beck’s 2015 Practical Farm Research

    One of the challenges I sometimes run into when researching story ideas and topics for No-Till Farmer is finding studies that are conducted under true no-till conditions. As you probably know by now, what works in conventional tillage or even strip-till may not work well in no-till, and vise versa.
  • John Dobberstein

    Cover Crops Contributing to the Bottom Line

    Not convinced cover crops are a good investment? Many of your fellow no-tillers may disagree. See SARE’s fourth annual cover crop survey to find out why.
  • Cover Crops Prove Profitable in 2015

    Once again, growers who seed cover crops have higher yields — and profits — than those who don’t, say the results of Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) and Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC)’s fourth annual Cover Crop Survey.


The Dollars and Cents of Residue Breakdown

Sponsored by: Midwest Bio-Tech

Doug Miller, agronomist and vice president of Midwest Bio-Tech, will help you understand the fertility value of the nutrients in crop residue and how the residue decay process affects your bottom line. In addition, Miller shares what he’s learned about soil health and residue decay through the use of Solvita tests. [To view any of our webinar replays, you must be logged in with a free user account.]

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Cover Cropping to Aid the Transition to No-Till and Lessons Learned Jumping in Feet First

Sponsored by: KB Seed Solutions

Johnny Hunter has not been afraid to jump into no-till and cover cropping with both feet first. The Essex, Mo., farmer of 5,400 acres began his transition to no-till in 2012 and immediately began working with various cover crops in his diverse system that includes field corn, popcorn, soybeans, rice and pumpkins. In this webinar, Hunter shares the following about his cover cropping system... [To view any of our webinar replays, you must be logged in with a free user account.]

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The Secrets of Soil Biology: How to Make it the Engine for a More Profitable No-Till Operation

The Secrets of Soil Biology: How to Make it the Engine for a More Profitable No-Till Operation

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Covering Up, Part 3: Branching Out With Your Cover Crop Program

Covering Up, Part 3: Branching Out With Your Cover Crop Program

Looking to go from a single species to a cover crop cocktail, or to drastically reduce your fertilizer bill, or to extend the life – and benefits – of your covers by planting into them? Check out these success stories, learning experiences and new ideas to help you achieve your next cover-crop goal with No-Till Farmer’s third installment on cover crops.
Everything You Need to Know About Micronutrients

Everything You Need to Know About Micronutrients

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