What I’ve Learned From No-Tilling: Regenerative No-Till Practices Improve Farm, Community
Seeding & Planting, Cover Crops, Soil Health

What I’ve Learned From No-Tilling: Regenerative No-Till Practices Improve Farm, Community

I've served in township government for a quarter century. One never-ending task and expense is cleaning silt from road ditches and culverts — the product of field erosion — and putting it back where it belongs.

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  • Weed Control Strategies for Grain Sorghum

    Severe grass and broadleaf weed pressure will reduce grain sorghum yields and can make harvest very difficult. Good crop rotation and herbicide selection are essential components of managing weeds in grain sorghum, says Kansas State University Extension.
  • EPA Releases Residual Time to 25% Bee Mortality (RT25) Data Reducing Pesticide Hazards for Bees

    Research shows insecticides like neonicotinoids and pyrethroids, which can be found in over-the-counter products, can negatively affect bees. However, these effects can be mitigated when pesticide sprays are timed to avoid key periods when bees pollinate crops, according to Washington State University.
  • A Strength in Numbers Solution to Strip-Tilled Soil Health

    Soil health expert Frank Gibbs brings to share nearly 40 years of experience investigating innovative ways to boost biological activity and enhance earthworm populations at the 2019 National Strip-Tillage Conference.
  • How Well is Your Strip-Tilled Soil Functioning?

    Indiana NRCS Soil Health Specialist Stephanie McLain to share proven ways to measure and manage soil function to ensure a healthy cropping system at the 2019 National Strip-Tillage Conference.
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Expand Your Knowledge at the 2020 National No-Tillage Conference

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Attend the 28th annual National No-Tillage Conference in St. Louis, Mo., January 7-10, 2020, and experience 4-days and more than 100 targeted sessions delivering the latest research, ideas and tools to help you reach the full potential of a no-tillage farming system.

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  • The Future of Industrial Hemp Production Still an Uphill Battle

    Though industrial hemp is now legal to grow, cannabis legalization varies from state to state. But the market opportunities are there and interest in hemp and CBD products continues to increase, so for no-tillers who are interested in growing this specialty crop, this is a good time to dip your toe in and experiment.
  • John Dobberstein 2

    ‘We Treat it Like Dirt’: Desertification on the March in Europe?

    Managing arable soil inventories for future food production isn’t just a challenge here in North America. Read on to see what experts say is happening to soil resources in the European Union.
  • Lessiter_Frank.png

    Herbicide Treadmill is Ending

    Because of serious weed concerns with the area’s over 10 million acres of wheat and barley grown with extremely limited rainfall, Western Australia is the herbicide-resistance capital of the world.
  • John Dobberstein 2

    Tips for Fixing Flooded-Out Soils

    As we pray for those affected by the tragic flooding in several states, there’s plenty of information available on strategies for getting flooded-out soils back to productivity again.

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Early No-Till Recollections with Ag Economist Howard Doster

In this episode of the “No-Till Farmer Influencers & Innovations” podcast, brought to you by Martin Industries, Frank Lessiter, chats with retired ag economist Howard Doster, who received a PhD in agricultural economics from The Ohio State University and began working at Purdue in 1968.

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Understanding Soil Health — Where We Are and Where We Need to Go

What is “soil health?” Ask 10 people this question, and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. Dr. Zouheir Massri will help you understand soil health as its related to soil functionality and where we need to go to take soil health to the next level in this free No-Till Farmer webinar sponsored by AgroLiquid.

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Turning Your Sprayer into an Effective No-Till Asset

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Getting More From Your Nitrogen Investment

Getting More From Your Nitrogen Investment

Discover numerous tools and application strategies at your disposal today including the case for moving nitrogen (N) applications in corn to later in the season and the potential that crop sensors are showing for targeted N applications to increase efficiency and profitability. Plus, learn about certain species of cover crops that can fix significant amounts of N.

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