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4 Considerations for Using Herbicides in Hot Weather

4 Considerations for Using Herbicides in Hot Weather

Kansas State University shares 4 things to consider when applying herbicides during hot weather.

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Focus on Biology for Better Soil Health
For farmers aiming for sustainable and profitable crop production, optimizing soil health and function is the ultimate endgame.

What You Should Know About No-Till Planters
For no-tillers, the planter is the most crucial piece of equipment on their farm. This article will take you through the basic components of a no-till planter and provide you with tips for no-till planter maintenance from experienced pros in the industry.

Digging Into the Principles of Regenerative Ag
Based on the principles of building healthy soil, regenerative ag aims to not only sustain farm productivity but to actually work with nature to regenerate the soil, increase biodiversity and enhance the farming ecosystem.

Video Series with Charlie Berens

Ag States of America

Watch the latest video with host Charlie Berens featuring one of the 50 states and their contributions to the nation's agricultural landscape.

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The Ag States of America series is brought to you by Pivot Bio.

NSTC 2024

Join top strip-tillers, agronomists and researchers for 2 days of unrivaled learning and networking!


The National Strip-Tillage Conference returns August 8-9, 2024! Build and refine your strip-till system with dozens of new ideas and connections at the 11th Annual National Strip-Tillage Conference in Madison, Wis. Experience an energizing 2-day agenda featuring inspiring general session speakers, expert-led Strip-Till Classrooms and collaborative Roundtables. Plus, Certified Crop Adviser credits will be offered.


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[Podcast] Never Till, Planting Philosophies & More with No-Till Living Legend Ray McCormick
In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Yetter Farm Equipment, No-Till Living Legend Ray McCormick talks about how he first got involved with restoring farmland into wetlands, seeding cover crops with the combine, his planting philosophies and more.

Yetter Farm Equipment

No-Till Farmer's podcast series is brought to you by Yetter Farm Equipment.

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Yetter Farm Equipment has been providing farmers with residue management, fertilizer placement, and seedbed preparation solutions since 1930. Today, Yetter equipment is your answer for success in the face of ever-changing production agriculture challenges. Yetter offers a full lineup of planter attachments designed to perform in varying planting conditions, multiple options for precision fertilizer placement, strip-till units, and stalk rollers for your combine. Yetter products maximize your inputs, save you time, and deliver return on your investment. Visit them at

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No-Till Farmer 2024 Benchmark Report

  • No-till out-yielded by several other tillage practices in 2023
  • Herbicide tank mixes and higher nitrogen rates projected for 2024
  • Find out what no-till planter attachments are most popular
  • Purchase plans double for most types of equipment
  • How to tackle challenges with cover crop seeding strategies, growth and termination

Next-Generation No-Till Weed Control

As weed biology, herbicide resistance & cover crops affect no-till weed management programs, no-tillers will need to add new technologies and techniques to their weed control toolbox. This No-Till Farmer 16-page special report explores the latest research, most effective practices and positive impacts implementing an herbicide program with cover crops & novel technology can have. Keeping no-till fields cleaner, for longer.

Strategies for Smashing the 100-Bushel Soybean Barrier

According to some of the world's highest soybean yielders, the keys to achieving a record no-till soybean crop are planting early, intensively controlling weeds and utilizing seed treatments. This No-Till Farmer 16-page special report interviews 5 growers who broke the 100-bushel soybean barrier about their secrets to success with their crop, giving you tried-and-true ideas for ways to increase your own no-till soybean yields.

No-Till Farming Market in the U.S.: A 10-Year Study into the Practice & Trends

No-Till Farming Market in the U.S.: A 10-Year Study into the Practice & Trends

This multi-billion dollar investment into conservation ag will undoubtedly raise awareness for the benefits of no-till farming and drive adoption in the U.S. It’s more important now than ever that dealers and manufacturers understand no-till farming, what it can do for their customers and the potential demand for equipment it will create on the heels of these investments.

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