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No-Till 101

Buffett Foundation Supports Ukrainian Farmers with Equipment, Financial Aid

The conservation-focused foundation has sent over $500 million in humanitarian, financial & agricultural aid to Ukraine since early 2022
Since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, Ukrainian farmers have been farming through dangerous — and sometimes deadly — conditions. During the summer of 2022, Russian forces occupied 22% of Ukraine’s farmland, impacting 28% of the country’s winter crops and 18% of its summer crops, according to the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.
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Next-Generation No-Till Weed Control Shares Tactics to Keep No-Till Fields Cleaner, For Longer

As more herbicide resistance and a novel type of resistance develop, no-tillers will need to add new technologies and techniques to their weed control toolbox to keep fields clean. This special report examines these options— no matter your tillage system.

Learn Cover Crops and Novel Technology Can Complement your Current Herbicide Program and your Fields for just $15.95! Everything you always wanted to know about herbicide resistance and weed control can be found in the 16 pages of our best-seller, Next-Generation No-Till Weed Control. 

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Farmer's Earthworm Handbook Shares 19 Tips for Building Up Soils with Earthworms

Your subterranean friends can improve soil fertility, health and tilth so roots grow deeper, and plants are productive — no matter what your tillage system.

Learn How Earthworms Can Save You Money, Time, And Your Fields For Just $15.95! If crop residues are removed too quickly in the fall or spring, worms may not have the opportunity to eat and breed. Learn to leverage earthworms for better crop production & improved profitability. Everything you always wanted to know about improving soil fertility and managing earthworms can be found in the 112 pages of our best-seller, The Farmer's Earthworm Handbook. 

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