No-Till and Cover Crops Handbook

No-Till Farmer Offers Pre-Sale of New No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook

A basic, how-to guide for implementing soil-saving practices on the farm.

Transitioning from conventional farming to no-till and incorporating the use of cover crops requires a higher level of management. For many farmers, lack of knowledge is a barrier to implementation. To provide farmers with the latest information on the most effective practices in use today by top leaders in no-till and cover crops, No-Till Farmer is publishing a new No-Till & Cover Crops Handbook.

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Jim Leverich

Jim Leverich Named Inaugural ‘Conservation Ag Operator’ Fellow by No-Till Farmer

As No-Till Farmer celebrates the start of its 50th year in 2022, its editors have announced a new initiative — the “Conservation Ag Operator Fellowship” — to broaden farmers’ understanding about how to realize economic and sustainability success through no-till and conservation ag.
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Honoring Leaders, Pioneers in the No-Till Community

The 26th class of No-Till Innovators led advancements in no-tilling by championing organic no-till, no-till tobacco, innovative planter attachments, robust educational events and farmer networks.
Two individuals and two organizations were recognized as the 26th class of No-Till Innovators for their commitment to the advancement of no-till farming systems in North America and worldwide.
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What Research & Literature Most Contributed to No-Till’s Adoption?

This first-ever project recognizes the most significant works in no-till research & literature, and the efforts of those who contributed to the practice’s understanding in North America and beyond.

In September 2021, No-Till Farmer commissioned a project to determine the most significant research and publications that assisted in the understanding and adoption of no-till agriculture. Randall Reeder, retired ag engineer from Ohio State Univ., and Don Reicosky, retired USDA soil scientist, collaborated on a detailed process to complete this large and aggressive project in advance of three important no-till milestones in 2022.

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No-Tillers Practice the Art of ‘Covering Up’ for Decades

Over the years, no-tillers have led the way in seeding cover crops to boost soil health and capitalize on the many benefits they can bring to their farming operations.

The way some government agencies and ag groups are promoting cover crops these days, you’d think it was a brand-new idea. While cover crops are a hot topic, it’s not because of any major research breakthroughs or being brand new on the ag scene. 

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No-Till's Historical Highlights (Through 2021)

With more than 75 new updates, this historical record identifies what built no-till into a profitable farming practice now embraced on 110 million U.S. acres.

Success with no-tillage — a radical change in farming from conventional methods — was anything but assured when it got its commercial start 60 years ago. But success came, thanks to the vision, courage and dogged determination shared by many — and from every corner imaginable.

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