It’s hard to believe that 1½ years has passed since we launched the Dryland No-Tiller e-newsletter to provide more tailored, actionable tips and information to meet the specific needs of no-tillers in the Great Plains, Pacific Northwest and western Canada.

Our goal is to ensure every article, video, blog post and podcast is relevant to you, and that we create a tool that helps you run a more profitable operation.

This can be a real challenge for us, since the crop rotations and weather challenges in this region are very diverse. But if my count is correct, Dryland No-Tiller has highlighted the practices of successful no-tillers in at least a dozen states and Canadian provinces, stretching from Texas to Washington to western Canada.

The percentage of growers willing to open our e-newsletter and read the content we provide is well above the industry average of digital newsletters, and we’re grateful for your continued interest.

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