Cover Crops

More Growers Plant Cover Crops in Maryland in 2010

Maryland farmers participating in the Maryland Department of Agriculture's (MDA) Cover Crop Program planted a record 398,679 acres of cover crops on their farms last fall to control soil erosion, reduce nutrient runoff and protect water quality in streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.
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Costly Cover Crop Mistakes To Avoid

No-tillers must make careful decisions on what to seed, and when to seed, to succeed with cover crops, experts say.
One of the most neglected aspects of no-tillage seems to be the proper use of cover crops. Unfortunately, many farmers simply take this part of the total program for granted and unnecessary mistakes are often made.
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What I've Learned From No-Tilling: No-Tilled To Save Time, But Quickly Saw Soil Benefits

Western North Dakota farmer integrates cattle, dryland corn and multiple cover-crop species to build a productive no-till system.
The main reason I went into no-till was — as it is for many other no-tillers — due to labor issues. My Dad had a heart attack in 2000 and wasn’t able to help as much anymore. I was just killing myself trying to keep up with farming and the cattle and everything else.
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The Sweet Stench Of Conservation

If you are going to use radishes as a cover crop — and you certainly ought to consider them if they fit in your rotation and meet your objectives — you may want to take a special note of one of the side effects of these natural compaction relievers.
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