Cover Crops

What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Cash In With No-Till's "Opportunity Time"

No-till provides more time for off-farm work, to crop more acres, have more fun with the family or devote extra hours to other farm enterprises.
My first experience with no-tilling began back in 1978 when I conducted a study for my master’s thesis on planter performance with various tillage systems. I visited 150 producers and observed their planters being used in the field.
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Taking Cover With No-Till Profits

Sometimes the best way to increase the bottom line is to start from the ground up.
With all of the talk about modifying no-till planters and adjusting fertilizer rates to increase profits, some believe that one of the best kept secrets to a successful no-till operation lies in the ability to keep plants in the soil as long as you can.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

No-Till And Cover Crops Stretch Both Ends Of The Growing Season

When vegetable processors saw no-till yields were consistent and harvesting conditions were better than in conventionally-tilled fields, they came around to this veteran no-tiller’s way of thinking.
We've been no-tilling for nearly 20 years, but the history of conservation on our vegetable farm goes back to the mid ’60s. That’s when we first walked away from the moldboard plow.
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Rolling Cover Crops Gives Mixed Results

The idea has plenty of potential, but there are still some bugs to be worked out.
Will a cover crop residue roller – considered essential in South American no-till fields – add value in the northern Great Plains? Dr. Dwayne Beck is studying that question under environmental conditions that are the equivalent of being several hundred miles north of tropical Paraguay and Brazil.
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Will Winter Wheat Work As A Cover Crop?

No-tillers also debated the usefulness of rolling stalk choppers along with other hot topics.
No-tillers once again faithfully took to their keyboards and continued to make the Farmer’s Forum on the No-Till Farmer Web site,, a huge success. Two of the more interesting topics from the last month of postings have to do with using wheat as a cover crop and if it’s a good idea to use a rolling stalk chopper before no-tilling into corn residue.
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Use Cover Crops, Rotations To Trim Your No-Till Weed Control Costs

A South American researcher maintains combining cover crops with effective crop rotations is a must with no-till to avoid concerns with disease, insects and weed carryover.
Progressive No-Tillers in Latin America have discovered that green manure cover crops are the cornerstone of sustainable agriculture and are always included in any sound no-till crop rotation, says Rolf Derpsch.
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Cover Crops Boost No-Till Yields, Reduce Soybean Cyst Nematodes

Ray Rauenhorst has been aerial seeding winter rye amid his standing no-till corn as part of a research and demonstration project and has been pleased with the results.
Aerial seeding of winter rye into standing corn may reduce soybean cyst nematode populations and — at least on some soil types — boost yields by up to 4 bushels per acre.
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