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12-Inch-Row Corn Takes Another Step

Higher plant density in 12-inch rows may offer no-tillers an opportunity for more bushels and more profits.
Thirty-inch rows still dominate U.S. corn production, accounting for nearly 90% of total acres, according to USDA estimates. But an increasing number of early adopters are looking at narrower rows to get more seeds in the soil and broaden profit margins.
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Strip-Tillers Narrowing Their Options

Growers using rows less than 30 inches are preserving residue and still getting the many strip-till benefits they’re accustomed to.
Whether it’s strip-tilling on 20- or 22-inch rows, a small, but dedicated number of strip-tillers are making narrow rows work for them.
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Blu-Jet's Galaxy

Bu-Jet's new Galaxy narrow-row strip-till implement allows the company's strip-till row units to be mounted on 20, 22, 24 and 30-inch row spacings.
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