Narrow-Row Strip-Till Implement

  • Mounts Blu-Jet strip-till units on 20, 22, 24 and 30-inch row spacing
  • Staggers row units in three positions for superior residue flow
  • 3-point mounted frame supports row configurations from 20 to 45-feet wide
  • 7 by 7-inch tube mainframe

Blu-Jet's new Galaxy narrow-row strip-till implement allows Blu-Jet strip-till row units to be mounted on 20, 22, 24 and 30-inch row spacings.

The highly durable 3-pointed mount frame can support row configurations from a 20-foot-wide swath up to a 45-foot-wide swath. The 7 by-7-inch tube mainframe has a 5-year warranty.

Low-maintenance row components have zero daily grease points and can be adjusted with only two 3/4-inch wrenches.

Galaxy strip-till row units are staggered in three positions across the implement for superior residue flow.

All Blu-Jet strip-till row components including coulters, residue managers, edge-bent shanks, sealers, baskets and no-skip options are available for the Galaxy strip-till implement.