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Environment, Genetics Play Key Roles In Maximizing Root Growth

No-tillers looking to develop a healthier, stronger root system will want to focus on how to create optimal soil environments that interact well with good genetics.
No-tillers may keep an eye on what’s going on aboveground throughout the growing season, but what's taking place belowground can also have a big impact on crop health and yield.
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No-Till Notes

Locate, Correct Compaction For More No-Till Success

Like any field operation, identifying and addressing compaction layers are important to maximize water infiltration, root growth and crop yields.
Compaction can be present in fields for a number of reasons. Normally it’s created when heavy equipment, wagons, trucks, tankers or spreaders make passes on fields when the soil is too wet to hold them. Even heavy planters, tractors or sprayers can cause compaction.
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Fertilizer Burn and Rootless Corn Syndrome

Each spring season brings forth challenging situations for young corn plants to overcome. Fertilizer burn and rootless corn syndrome are two challenges that are showing up in some areas of the Northern Corn Belt in 2012.
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Strip-Tilling And No-Tilling Sweet Corn

With everyone from USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to the mainstream media and celebrity chefs touting locally grown food, growing and selling sweet corn to city dwellers who pay $6 or more for a dozen ears may be a profitable niche market for strip-tillers.
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Search Underground For Higher No-Till Profits

Managing what’s found below the ground is a key to boosting your above-ground profits.
To maximize above-ground profits, Ed Winkle maintains that no-tillers must be attuned to the basics of what’s happening under the ground. The certified crop adviser with HyMark Consulting in Blanchester, Ohio, says a proper balance of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon is critical to harvesting top no-till yields.
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NNTC16 Audio Presentations

Understanding Corn Root Types and Root Growth to Maximize No-Till Yield - Monte Bottens - NNTC 2016 Presentation - MP3 Download


When you understand how roots grow and the major corn root types, you’ll have a unique insight of how to select the right hybrid based on drainage, soil types, cover crops and residue cover. In this presentation, Monte Bottens discusses the characteristics of the major corn root types, including the new water-efficiency genetics. The president of California Ag Solutions also walks through why and how roots grow, including how you can positively or negatively impact root growth. He shares how you can set up an on-farm field trial to discover the root types of the hybrids you plant and the impact you can have on crop yield with proper hybrid selection.


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