No-Till Farmer has entered into the world of Facebook. Within essentially 1 week, we had nearly 900 friends. However, we quickly saw that sometimes your "friends" may not really understand you.

One friend simply asked us if we had done any reporting on organic no-till. In my response, I indicated that while we report on more mainstream production ag practices, we have reported on ways no-tillers are trying to go organic. In fact, we've covered the topic at the National No-Tillage Conference.

That's where another "friend" reported the following: "I am not sure I would trust this website. Sounds like this page is for Roundup Ready users, cannot be organic and uses poisons. I plan to 'unlike' this page after I read a bit further."

While I question why this individual didn't do her homework before she "liked" us, I think this reveals something more telling about the nonfarming public: 1) They like no-till, but they really don't know why or what it is. 2) For some reason, they think no-till is synonymous with "no chemicals;" and 3) they really aren't trying to understand the need and role of large-scale crop production in supplying food. They have made their decision that they're right and you — Mr. Large-Scale Farmer — are wrong.

 Check us out at Facebook. Go ahead and "like" us if you like no-till. You just might have the opportunity to enlighten a "friend" about no-till.