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Change to FAA Regulation Allows 1 Operator to Fly 3 Sprayer Drones

FFA regulation exemption for U.S.-based drone maker allows 1 person to operate 3 drones in a swarm, a 3-fold increase in productivity

The FAA recently granted Texas-based drone manufacturer Hylio a regulatory exemption that allows 1 operator to simultaneously pilot 3 heavy-lift drones instead of requiring an operator and observer per 1 drone over 55 pounds. 

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Ahead of the Curve

Lidar Sensors Show the Invisible in Crops & Indicate Plant Health

New laser-based technology monitors plant health & soil humidity night or day at ranges up to nearly 1,000 feet
Over the past 40 years, agricultural scanning technology has developed rapidly from sprayers able to recognize brown bare soil from very green growing plant material to machines capable of guiding moving sprayers to target individual plants and visually sampling a load of grain for moisture content.
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Ahead of the Curve

AI Offers Speedier Research & Development of Ag Products

Just as the early internet was labeled dangerous, artificial intelligence (AI) is going through the same baptism of fire

Over the past 30 years, farmers and their consultants have been nervously watching popular crop protection products fall like stacked dominoes to growing populations of resistant pests.

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Take a Systems Approach to No-Till to Improve Soil Health

University no-till plots show significant benefits over conventional tillage, but when combined with systematic crop rotations & cover crops, the results are cumulative

No-Till Legend Paul Jasa has been studying conservation tillage — and no-till in particular — since 1981 for the University of Nebraska.

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Ahead of the Curve

Turning Wastewater into Phosphorus Fertilizer

University of Illinois studies show struvite could recycle waste phosphates, reduce runoff pollution & possibly boost crop production

University of Illinois researchers have shown a substance separated from wastewater holds promise as a “triple win” for phosphorus (P) use in farming.

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