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Closing the ‘Brown Gap’ with Big Covers and Crop Rotation

Virginia grower Paul Davis shares how he transitioned from no-till-only to a varied mix of covers and cash crops to reduce nutrient inputs and boost soil quality.
Virginia grower Paul Davis shares how he transitioned from no-till-only to a varied mix of covers and cash crops to reduce nutrient inputs and boost soil quality.
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Two Roads to Farming’s Future: What to Choose?

Veteran ag economist John Ikerd says U.S. agriculture may need to look at a more integrated approach to the challenges it faces with growing public concern over environmental and social issues.

Long-time ag economist John Ikerd says U.S. agriculture is at a major crossroads with significant changes in the offing, but he says no-till farming will be important regardless of the ultimate future direction of the industry.

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New Lines of Winter Camelina Show Promise for Profitable Relay Cropping

University of Minnesota scientists are tweaking winter camelina lines to provide Northern Plains growers a profitable winter cover crop to supplement corn-soybean rotations.
New lines of winter camelina are showing promise for northern growers who want to profitably use cover crops to exploit off-growing-season sunlight and rain, reduce erosion, improve soil health, sequester residual nutrients and combat weeds. 
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Precision Irrigation and Grain Storage Boost Yields, ROI

Western Alabama’s Dee River Ranch sees positive return on its no-till investment with the adoption of technologically-advanced irrigation and grain storage systems.
Precision irrigation and storage technology plays a big part in the economic sustainability of Dee River Ranch near Aliceville in western Alabama. 

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Heavy Rains Help No-Tiller Promote Practice to Vegetable Processor

Delaware row-crop and vegetable grower’s “all in” adoption of no-till, cover crops and planting green is making positive changes to his soil, his yields and his bottom line.

Jay Baxter, a fourth-generation farmer in Delaware, says a couple of well-timed torrential rains became ‘ah hah! moments’ that ultimately led him to switch all of his cash crop production to no-till with the use of cover crops.

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Achieving Picket-Fence Stands with Precise Seed Placement

Veteran grower Tom Cannon from Blackwell, Okla., shares tips on how his forensic-level approach to planting and seeding pave the way for success with no-tilling ‘green’ into covers on every acre.

When avid hunter and outdoorsman Tom Cannon was in his mid-20s, he experimented with no-till and interseeded food plots to attract white-tailed deer and other game on his family’s ranch near the small town of Newkirk in north-central Oklahoma.

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New Formulations Abound in 2021 Crop Protection Registrations

Combinations of familiar pesticides and enhanced formulations with new chemistry offer growers new tools for this year’s growing season.
This list of new products was assembled by editors of No-Till Farmer, who remind growers to always check for their specific state regulations regarding the use of any crop protection products.
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Erratic Armyworm Outbreaks Require Careful Scouting

Many entomologists say armyworms typically move from weedy grasses and small-grain cover crops to damage nearby corn.
The so-called “true armyworm” is one of the more frustrating early-season pests no-till corn growers encounter periodically, particularly if they are planting into small-grain or other grassy cover crops, or in fields near sources of grassy weeds.
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