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Ahead of the Curve

AI Powers Latest Smart Sprayer Innovations

The entry of artificial intelligence into agriculture forever changed farm practices.
The term “artificial intelligence” has generated pages of dystopian copy surrounding the displacement of jobs and the dehumanization of the workplace, but in farm fields, AI and machine learning are proving to be an efficient ally of growers for combating weeds and keeping expenses in check.
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No-Tillers, Landowners Must Work Together to Advance Soil Stewardship

Landowner buy-in is critical to boosting the adoption of no-till and other conservation measures on rented farmland.
While research shows conservation practices such as no-till and cover crops increase the value of farmland by improving the productivity of the soil, adopting these measures often has an immediate upfront cost and a less-than-immediate return on investment.
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Confound Pests with Compound Rotations

Longtime no-till educator and practitioner Dwayne Beck urges growers to adopt a diverse mix of rotational crops to fight pests, reduce inputs and boost profits.
Jousting with Mother Nature usually isn’t successful over the long-haul, but with nimble footwork and hit-and-run rotation tactics, astute no-tillers can keep the old dame off balance long enough to boost their productivity and reduce their inputs.
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Ahead of the Curve

On-the-Go Weed Control

Driven by increasing occurrences of herbicide resistance and a push to reduce pesticide use, the companies behind today’s weed control innovations are leveraging everything from artificial intelligence to lasers to drones to target weeds where they grow.
Folks interested in the future of agricultural weed control are spending a lot of time following the dollars being spent on precision technology and artificial intelligence (AI) as major farm equipment and chemical companies collaborate to improve the efficiency of their products.
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Farming the Drought with No-Till Flexibility

Veteran Kansas no-tiller farms around dry High Plains weather, seeking to eliminate summer fallow when possible and using conserved soil moisture to grow something on every acre throughout the season.
Farming 25 miles southeast of Dodge City in southwestern Kansas with limited irrigation, long-time no-tiller Lance Feikert says it’s difficult to set a rotation schedule and stick with it because of rainfall variability.
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Ahead of the Curve

Field Tests Underway for Electric Planter

Iowa start-up Salin 247 is field testing an autonomous electric drive unit for no-tilling corn and soybeans.
With a lifetime of farming experience and degrees in agronomy and economics, Dave Krog says he’s trying to whittle variable and fixed costs from today’s equipment outlays with an electric, autonomous drive unit aimed squarely at the 24-row planter market.
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Cashing in with Cover Forages Between No-Till Wheat Crops

Oklahoma no-tiller squeezes in a profitable late-summer, early-fall grazing period on cover crops he sows immediately behind his combine. The practice adds $100-150 per acre in cattle gains.
Northwestern Oklahoma no-tiller Jimmy Emmons quit plowing 10 years ago to begin rebuilding his soils and says by adding diverse cover crop mixes to his operation over the same period he’s cut his farm’s overall purchased fertilizer use by 85%.
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Fuel or Fertilizer: Green Ammonia

A fledgling ammonia-for-fuel industry is sparking interest in an electrically powered, carbon-free infrastructure that could rewrite ledger books for anhydrous ammonia fertilizer.
When anhydrous ammonia jumped to over $1,400 per ton in late 2021, growers intensified their scramble to find black ink on 2022’s farm spreadsheets — a long-term challenge, considering natural gas, the main feedstock for NH3 fertilizer, entered the new year trading at nearly record-high prices.
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