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Ahead of the Curve

Harnessing the Power of Smoke to Promote Plant Growth

California company turns burned pistachio shells into a plant-growth & soil enhancer
It’s an exciting time for commercial crop protection when the combination of pistachio nuts, biochar and smoke molecules from burning plant material make up a recipe for improved seed germination and early plant development.
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Winter Maintenance Tips for Your No-Till Planter

Check these wear point fundamentals & non-wear points on your no-till planter to ensure it’s ready for spring

Each year, Bruce Waibel sees scores of planters come through Solid Rock Ag Solutions, his business in northwest Indiana that takes care of “all things planter.”

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Ahead of the Curve

Bacteria Strain Serves Up Plant-Available Phosphates

Found growing naturally in a phosphorus mine, rhizobacteria are being harnessed to boost phosphorus cycling in corn fields
When no-tillers and researchers talk about the benefits of soil microbes populating the root zone of field crops, the conversation generally revolves around more efficient plant use of nitrogen and potential reductions in losses of plant life’s hard-to-hang-onto primary food source.
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Ahead of the Curve

Waste Products from Ocean Come to Farm

Tidal Grow AgriScience's marine-waste-derived biomolecules boost the effectiveness of fungicides, fight nematodes & provide early-season support for seedling no-till crops
We had an interesting conversation recently with the CEO of a new Washington-state company about its use of marine-based byproducts.
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No-Till Pests Part 6

Precision Fungicide Application Key to Battling White Mold

While no-tillers may have advantages in combatting white mold losses on soybeans, research suggests precise fungicide applications offer profitable control of the disease
There's an old saying warning against betting on any proposition with more than one “if” in it, and when soybean producers face seasons with wet, cool conditions during flowering, they face control issues for white mold that present many “ifs.”
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Carbon Markets

Low-Carbon Corn Could Yield Serious Cash for No-Tillers

An upcoming tax credit for ethanol producers could translate to payments to no-tillers who document their practices & verify carbon intensity scores
No-tillers who are growing corn have an excellent opportunity to cash in on government demands to reduce the overall carbon intensity of the biofuels industry.
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