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No-Till Passport Series

Information Revolution Needed to Promote No-Till Worldwide

Increasing worldwide adoption of no-till will require a shift in mindset and a localized approach.

No-till, referred to as conservation agriculture outside of the U.S., is an adaptive and effective tool to help combat climate change. To get farmers on board with changing their practices, some governments and other organizations are using carbon markets as incentives. The No-Till Passport series is brought to you by Martin Industries.

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No-Till Passport Series

Early Adoption of No-Till in Australia Helps Farmers Grow in Dry Conditions

3 farmers prove how profitable and productive no-till can be in Australia.

About 67% of Australia's cropland is no-tilled, making it a world leader in adoption of the practice. Three farmers share how no-till has proved profitable and productive on their fields. The No-Till Passport series is brought to you by Martin Industries.

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CSU Soil Scientists Tap Rangelands as Vast Sources for Carbon Storage

CSU researchers are developing a rangeland carbon tracking tool for land managers.

A Colorado State University research team has teamed with Woodwell Climate Research Center on a project aimed at helping managers of rangelands, which cover large areas of both public and private lands, understand and monitor the delicate carbon balances across their grazed landscapes.

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WSU Releases Roadmap for Soil Health Initiative

The 124-page roadmap outlines pathways to maintain healthy soils for dryland growers.

Washington State University has released a 124-page roadmap that outlines current challenges and pathways to help maintain healthy soils as an agricultural and environmental resource. Key industries involved include growers of potatoes, wine and juice grapes, dryland agriculture and tree fruits.

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No-Till Learning in Farmer Ross’s Neighborhood

Jackson, Wis., no-tiller Ross Bishop teaches local farmers and his suburban community about no-till’s benefits.

There are countless times when Ross Bishop, a no-tiller in Jackson, Wis., experienced a test of faith with no-till. Over the last 24 years, he’s managed drought, flooding, water contamination concerns, late frosts, cover crops that didn’t die and more.

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Prioritizing Soil Health to Protect Profitability for Generations to Come

The Crave family sees soil health as a key to reducing inputs, lowering machinery costs and creating more value-added products for long-term success and sustainability.

Since the founding of the multigenerational dairy farm in Waterloo, Wis., in 1980, they’ve adopted sustainable farming practices, added a cheese factory to increase the value of their milk, and operate a manure digester that generates enough electricity to power their operation and 300 neighboring homes, making them a carbon-negative company.

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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

No-Till, Cover Crops and Cattle Bring Revenue to Offset Tight Margins

Finding ways to extract more income from the same acres carves space for the next generation on this Illinois farm.

WE MAY DRIVE red equipment, but green is our favorite color by far. A perfectly plowed field has nothing on the brilliant green mat dotted with hairy vetch flowers that dominates our tractor cab view when my cousin, Tim Imhoff, and I seed our crops. 

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Profiting from a Diverse No-Till System

Missouri no-tiller Macauley Kincaid has seen yields of corn, soybeans, wheat and other cash crops improve after experiencing limited success with conventional farming.

MACAULEY “MAC” KINCAID, of Jasper, Mo., comes strolling out of his house on a muggy summer morning, smartphone in one hand, coffee in the other. Wearing a hipster-style trucker hat, he carries himself with a palpable confidence and ease. 

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