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EPA Place Limits On Bt Corn

With concerns growing about genetically altered crops both overseas and here in the states, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently placed new restrictions on raising Bt corn.
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14 Carbon Sequestrian Questions You Always Wanted Answers To...But Didn’t Know Who To Ask

Cashing in on carbon credits was a hot topic at the National No-Tillage Conference.
Editor' Note: There was plenty of interest among attendees at the eighth annual National No-Tillage Conference in Des Moines regarding carbon credits. Because of these concerns, we asked Pete Hill to answer the most typical questions asked by no-tillers. Hill is an agronomist with Monsanto in Urbandale, Iowa, and has followed carbon sequestrian issues very closely.
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Injecting New Possibilities

When broadcasting fertilizer wasn’t satisfactory, this no-tiller took matters into his own hands.
If there's one thing David Sperfslage hates, it’s waste. Especially when it comes to no-till.
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Managing Nitrogen To The Nth Degree

There’s no doubt managing nitrogen is critical in no-tilling, but what about the big picture impact?
Gyles Randall had a tough job in front of him. Here he was, at the National No-Tillage Convention last January and he knew the last things these top-notch no-tillers wanted to hear about were environmental concerns about nitrogen application.
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Keys To Healthy No-Till Soils

Increasing organic matter and proper timing of nitrogen application are key to maintaining healthy soils.
When our forefathers first sailed to this country and started working American soil for food, they had no idea that their methods were actually hurting the productivity of the soil. After all, the vast prairies of this continent had millions of years to build up proper carbon, nitrogen and potassium levels. If tilling the soil was actually draining those nutrients and hurting its productivity, it certainly wasn’t apparent to early settlers.
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