Nutrient Management

Why Starter Is Critical With No-Tilled Corn

Adding potassium to your starter fertilizer may prove especially valuable.
Even with a growing trend toward higher soil fertility levels, starter fertilizer still appears to be a good investment for most no-till corn growers. In fact, recently completed University of Wisconsin research indicates that no-till and other reduced tillage systems may even have higher-than-expected potassium needs.
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Filling In The Cracks With No-Till Fertility

Paul Reed takes a look at soil test concerns, understanding the impact of magnesium on soil and hydraulic conductivity, compaction, nutrient management and no-till corn hybrid response to fertility.
Paul Reed, his three brothers and father have been no-tilling corn since 1982 and soybeans since 1989. They no-till throughout the western side of Iowa's Washington County.
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Value-Added Can Bring Big Returns

Rick Heintzman explained his philosophy on how you can cash in on any of your no-tilled, value-added crops.
Rick Heintzman's story truly is the American dream. No-tilling from his 4,000-acre farm in Onaka, S.D., Heintzman has gone from selling flaxseed at $3.50 per bushel at the elevator to selling the same bushel for hundreds and even thousands of dollars through creative marketing.
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No-Till Online

Are Starters Really Helping Your No-Till

A simple question about using starter fertilizers set off a long string of postings recently on the No-Till Farmer Web site. No-tillers also were inquiring about problems with fertilizer pumps and one person wanted to find out if he should buy a weight transfer system. If you are looking for a place to share your thoughts, ideas or philosophies, please visit
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Frank Comments

Balancing Global Resources

Howard Buffet’s new book, “On The Edge: Balancing Earth’s Resources,” offers a unique perspective of the worldwide struggle between feeding a growing population and protecting the world’s biological and natural resources.
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Much Ado About Nitrates

When it comes to reducing nitrogen concerns, no-tillers are leading the way.
The nitrate standard, which has long been set at 10 parts per million, does not accurately reflect real world situations. But it's probably here to stay, maintains Jay Lehr, senior scientist with Environmental Education Enterprises in Ostrander, Ohio.
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