Exapta's Smallaire Heat Exchanger is essentially a radiator that hydraulic oil circulates through, thus cooling it. However, instead of venting this heat to the atmosphere, it is instead used for warming and drying the air going through the hoses to the openers.

The Smallaire Heat Exchanger was engineered by air movement specialists. When cleanout is needed, there is easy access with the hinged cover. The Smallaire unit has a huge radiator (24 x 28 inches and extra thick) and a plenum to utilize the full extent of the radiator area, provide maximum cooling of oil (typically a 30 degree reduction) and maximum warming of air in the system.

The Smallaire Heat Exchanger’s universal mount system uses flexible ductwork to allow the radiator to be mounted at a distance from the fan. This allows it to be mounted in a convenient location, usually to a frame tube using U-bolts. It also allows it to be mounted higher up than the fan, to draw cleaner air to avoid choking the radiator with dust and chaff. For even loftier air intake, a snorkel is available.

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