Needham Ag's Main Opener Pins And Bushings For John Deere Single Disc Drills and Air-Seeders are available for John Deere 50, 60 and 90 series openers. The service life of the main opener arm pins and bushings matches or exceeds OEM pins and bushing combinations. The main opener arm pins are made from a very hard, heat-treated material that’s precision ground for very tight tolerance and consistency. The pins feature a chamfer on each end to aid with installation and a socket machined into each end to aid with installation and removal.

Hardened and heat-treated outer bushings provide a very long service life and are easy to install with the Needham Ag install tool. The hardened install tool is made of tool steel and helps remove the old bushings and install the new ones without damage. It also helps align the second bushing with the first during installation. Each row of bushings comes complete with a washer to help eliminate the side-to-side play which occurs as a result of wear in the castings over time.

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