Growers who plant large areas per year with John Deere drills or air-seeders often face the fact that their depth can no longer be adjusted and their opener has to be torn down. These seizing problems are most common within low rainfall regions where a cloud of dust often surrounds the seeder during most of the planting season, and it is especially common on drills and air-seeders that don’t have sufficient down pressure or ballast (or a combination of the two). Without adequate down pressure or ballast, the gauge wheel doesn’t remain in constant contact with the soil surface and this loss of target seeding depth causes the handle to constantly rattle within the depth adjusting cover.

Needham offers high quality replacement parts to improve the reliability of this adjustment area of the John Deere single disc opener. These improvements come in the form of a spindle with triple-lip seals, depth adjust axle and heavy-duty depth adjust arm made from steel, not cast like the OEM arms. All of these parts are high quality and provide extended wear.

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