Calgary, Alberta, Canada — Soilgenic Technologies is making nitrogen fertilizer more efficient and effectively reducing its emissions with the launch of its new Visio-N Supra technology, which contains 40% NBPT. The NBPT fertilizer additive has been proven effective and grown to become the global standard in nitrogen efficiency as a urease inhibitor and above ground nitrogen loss. NBPT is especially in high demand this season with higher nitrogen costs and many initiatives to reduce fertilizer emissions.

Historically NBPT has been available as a 26.6% formulation. Soilgenic’s new Visio-N Supra technology is a high quality 40% NBPT formulation containing the company's stabilization technology, which improves product quality and prevents the NBPT from falling out. In addition, the 40% NBPT provides a reduced cost for logistics, storage and treatment, and through these cost efficiencies, will further expand the use of NBPT.

“The development of the Visio-N Supra 40% NBPT formulation sets a new standard for enhanced efficiency technology for concentrated Urease Inhibitor technology. A high-concentration formula combined with the ability to coat evenly at low application rates is critical, especially at low temperatures. Our FLX-SolPenetrating Solvent Technology has a low viscosity and low surface tension that also allows for reduced application rates with our high concentrated formulation of NBPT. Testing of our 40% formulation showed excellent coverage down to -4 degrees F, where other technologies will gel around 32 degrees F,” says Jeff Ivan, President & CEO Soilgenic Technologies.

Soilgenic also carries an extensive line of fertilizer efficiency additives for all fertilizer types upstream and downstream, above ground and below ground, including urea, UAN, anhydrous ammonia, AS, ammoniated phosphates (MAP-DAP), and manure. 

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