AMES, IOWA – Pivot Bio announced today the launch of its 2020 sales season and the second year of offering Pivot Bio PROVEN, the first nitrogen producing microbial product for U.S. corn farmers. Pivot Bio PROVEN provides the essential nutrient – nitrogen – to corn crops giving growers the solution they need for consistent nitrogen availability while lessening the impact on the environment.

Pivot Bio PROVEN is the only microbial product available to U.S. corn growers that applies nitrogen everyday throughout the growing season, with peak nitrogen production when the crops need it the most. Applied at planting, the microbes adhere to the corn roots so growers can be confident their corn receives a consistent, daily source of nitrogen. Unlike traditional synthetic nitrogen, Pivot Bio PROVEN does not leach or volatilize. Pivot Bio previously released its full-year 2018 performance report, which showed consistently better ROI and outcomes for growers in the company’s beta-testing program, Intent to Pivot. Growers who planted with Pivot Bio PROVEN harvested a 7.7 bushel per acre advantage compared to acres using only chemical fertilizer as its sole source of crop nutrition.

“Our 2019 sales season exceeded our expectations in every way,” said Mark Reisinger, Senior Director Commercial Operations, Pivot Bio. “I expected strong interest especially after seeing our solid 2018 Intent to Pivot trial results. To sell out within 60 days demonstrates how open growers are to adding a new technology that helps improve their bottom line and support their on-farm sustainable practices.”

As part of its commitment to cutting edge nitrogen science beyond field scale, Pivot Bio extensively grew its agronomic and research footprint across the U.S. Corn Belt this year. The company expanded its Intent to Pivot program; on-farm, large-scale trials; and research plots to better support growers’ management of their nitrogen budgets with Pivot Bio PROVEN. The company’s product was applied to corn fields across a wide variety of environments, soil types, and germplasm. Once this season’s crop is harvested, these performance results will add to an already robust data set powered by multiple years and millions of data points that are critical as Pivot Bio develops new products for corn and other cereal crops, including wheat and rice.

“Putting farmers first is central to our business. Engaging with high caliber independent sales reps to sell and service our product is further proof of our commitment to grower success,” said Reisinger. “Pivot Bio has ramped up product availability to meet growers’ demand for 2020 planting, and we’ve added talented people to an already strong team. Whether agronomists, data scientists, microbiologists, or field sales, we have a great team to ensure the success of our customers and our business.”

Pivot Bio has more than 90 employees; expanded its laboratory footprint at its Berkeley, Cal. headquarters and leased high-quality greenhouse space in Hayward, Cal.; opened an office at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis; and plans to open a sales office in the Iowa State University Research Park, Ames, Iowa.

“Pivot Bio has a solution to help farmers achieve better outcomes while improving the health of our planet,” said Karsten Temme, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Pivot Bio. “We took our time and developed a new nitrogen solution for farmers that’s effective. Now it’s time to rapidly expand to keep pace with grower demand. Opening offices in St. Louis and Ames ensures we stay connected to our customers and be part of the Heartland’s robust ag tech sector.”

"Growers are confident their corn crop is receiving all of the nitrogen Pivot Bio PROVEN produces,” said Reisinger. “By using our product, growers get the full benefit of their nitrogen investment and the satisfaction knowing they are decreasing their environmental footprint, too.”