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Determining Profitability of Your Soybean Starter Fertilizer Program

Some Michigan soybean producers want to increase soybean yield and net income by applying fertilizer in a 2x2 band at planting—2 inches to the side of the seed furrow and 2 inches below the seed. The high fertilizer prices make it critical for these producers to know for sure if their starter fertilizer program is making them money or costing them money. The best way to find out is to establish replicated strips with and without the starter fertilizer in a field and collect the yield from each strip.

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Midwest Bio-Tech Chandler Biocat 1000

Midwest's Bio-Tech Chandler Biocat 1000 recycles valuable nutrients from corn stalks and other crop residue. Biocat 1000 is an enzyme-based liquid that feeds and multiplies the beneficial microbes that break down crop residue.
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