MAUMEE, OHIO – The Andersons, Inc. announced the launch of PureStart, a new organic liquid fertilizer, on Sept. 21. PureStart is the first OMRI-listed fertilizer specifically designed to be used as a high-phosphorus row starter for organic crop production.

PureStart is produced from steamed bone meal and other natural components. It contains 9% phosphorus, providing energy for a positive response in cold soils, earlier crop emergence and more uniform stands. Other benefits include increased root growth, improved crop quality and maximum yield at harvest.

“PureStart is an innovative row starter for organic production,” states Chuck Anderson, vice president of innovation and specialty liquids with The Andersons. “It is formulated for easy handling and flowability through starter application equipment. In our field trials, we have observed consistent yield increases anywhere from 10-25 bushels per acre, depending on geography, soil types and environmental conditions.”

PureStart is seed-safe and designed to be applied using standard starter fertilizer equipment. It may be applied in-furrow or 2x2 at planting. At the time of application, PureStart may be mixed with other liquid products with agitation, like The Andersons’ fulvic acid product, Fulvic LQ, to increase delivery of applied nutrients.

To find more information about PureStart organic liquid fertilizer, visit or call 800-831-4815 to order.

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