The Andersons announced the launch of a new line of granular micronutrients branded as MicroMark DG. These engineered plant nutrient products feature dispersing granule (DG) technology, resulting in homogenous spherical granules for easier blending and spreading, and most importantly, increased efficacy. With The Andersons DG technology, granules break down in the soil into thousands of sub-particles which increase the coverage and availability to crops. 

“We are excited to release these new, versatile granular micronutrient fertilizers,” said Andy Spahr, vice president of wholesale for The Andersons. “These products have already proven their usefulness in initial trials and have the potential for improving soil health and overall plant nutrition.”

The Andersons’ initial product release will include two options. MicroMark DG Blitz is a blend of calcium, sulfur, boron, manganese, and zinc. MicroMark DG Humic is a unique blend of calcium, sulfur, manganese, and zinc. It also includes humic acid, a natural chelator of micronutrients and has been shown to improve soil health.

“After initial third-party trials of the MicroMark DG Humic product, we are optimistic about the effectiveness and overall benefit it will bring customers,” said Jeff Gilder, agronomist at The Andersons. “In one trial, MicroMark DG Humic offered the highest yield gains and return on investment out of six granular micronutrient products tested.”

MicroMark DG products can be used in agricultural applications where dry fertilizer is used. These products can be used as a dry starter, dry broadcast, strip till, or side dress and can be used in a variety of crop applications including row, vegetables, horticulture, and fruits.

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