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Building Soils, Feeding Crops with Green and Brown Carbon

Feeding soil life and creating an ideal home for soil “livestock” improves soil structure and health, giving crops the ability to capture and retain more moisture, minerals and sunshine.
As a dairy guy, I realized you have to treat soils like you would treat a cow. In a cow, we talk about digestion and give them feed. In soils, we talk about residues that have to be rotted down. But it’s still a biological system and there’s still minerals involved.
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Lessons from the Field: How Growers Profit from Regenerative Soils

Increasing plant diversity, adding livestock and following a simple soil-testing program can significantly add to the bottom line, growers say.
In the not-so-distant future, the key to building a resilient and profitable farm operation may require farmers to see their system as a pyramid that that uses biological tools to build and manage healthy, productive soils and produce nutrient dense food.
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[Video] Grazing Cover Crops for High Quality Feeding, Soil Health

Herington, Kan., farmer Shawn Tiffany shares how he and his brother, Shane, are utilizing cover crops for high-quality feed and improving soil health at the 32,000-head Tiffany Cattle Co. The operation is primarily a custom cattle-finishing facility that also includes a 1,200-acre farm where corn, winter wheat, silage sorghum and soybeans are no-tilled. Various cover crops are sometimes harvested as a second crop.
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Crop Residue Adds Nitrogen

Since soil organic matter is extremely important for no-till success, it's definitely to your benefit to leave all of your crop residue in the field. Not only does higher soil organic matter encourage a slow-release source of nutrients, but it will also improve the structure of your soils.
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