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Are Soil Nematodes Beneficial Or Harmful?

Nematodes are often talked about in a quiet fearful voice. The image of the small microscopic worms can bring grown men to their knees. Unfortunately like many things in our world, a few? apples have ruined the entire bushel.
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Crop Insights: Nitrogen Fertilizer for Soybean?

Unlike corn, wheat and most other row crops grown in North America, soybean is able to obtain its own nitrogen (N) through the process of N fixation. N fixation is achieved through an intricate biological relationship between soybean and a particular species of soil bacteria, Bradyrhizobium japonicum. The bacteria obtain sugars from soybean to use as their energy source, and soybean obtains N from the bacteria.
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Wet Weather, Severe Conditions Could Spread Goss's Wilt

While Goss's wilt wasn't a significant problem in 2012, more intense storm systems this year could cause it to emerge as a problem for corn growers as the disease continues its movement eastward from the Great Plains. This disease can overwinter in the soil and crop debris for a few years, so if growers have had a problem before, it could be an issue again this year,says Scott Heuchelin, DuPont Pioneer research scientist, plant pathology.
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How Earthworms Build Better No-Till Soils, Yields

Earth’s natural tillers do everything from supplying free “manure” to increasing nitrogen to spreading microorganisms and more.
When a farmer switches to no-till, they will probably find they can apply 60 to 80 fewer pounds of nitrogen in their cornfields, but still get the same yields.
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