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NDSU: Be Aware of Toxic Cyanobacteria

“The growth of this bacteria is facilitated by high temperatures,” says Miranda Meehan, North Dakota State University Extension livestock environmental stewardship specialist. “The hot, dry conditions we experience in the summer months are perfect for the production of cyanobacteria.”

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High Hopes for Lowly Pond Scum

Pond scum generally isn't looked upon kindly. But new research shows that inoculating crop soils with microalgae known as cyanobacteria can offer several benefits, including naturally fertilizing the soil, replenishing its store of organic matter and binding soil particles together so that they're less prone to erosion, says the Agricultural Research Service (ARS).
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Biofertilizers Helping No-Tillers Save Money, Fix Soils and Boost Yields

With a little time investment and a cheap source, soils and crops can benefit from biosolids, compost, biochar, sea plant extracts and other natural products.
While no-tillers typically enjoy a reduction in fuel, machinery costs and labor when compared to their conventional-tillage neighbors, fertilizing their soils and crops isn’t getting any cheaper.
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