We really hope you’ve enjoyed the debut of Dryland No-Tiller this year, and that you’ve found this twice-amonth e-newsletter a useful tool in giving you ideas to consider for your no-till operation. It’s our goal to keep making this e-newsletter better, and beginning in January, you’ll begin to see some changes in that vain.

For the last 10 months, you’ve been receiving Dryland No-Tiller in a digital magazine app which allows you to flip through pages of articles, videos and other online content in magazine- style fashion.

In a few weeks, the format is going to change — although we think you’ll like the reason for it. No-Till Farmer, the parent publication of Dryland No-Tiller, will be launching a completely new website in early January. This exciting development will bring changes in how your e-newsletter will function.

Instead of the self-contained app, you will interact with the articles, podcasts, videos, industry news, blogs and other Dryland No-Tiller content directly in the No-Till Farmer website.

We’re confident you’ll also like the new website, www.no-tillfarmer.com. The entire site will be overhauled and reorganized, with the relaunch at the start of the New Year. Searching for key no-till topics and terms will be much faster and easier, and the website will also feature "responsive design” that makes reading content much easier, whether on personal computers, tablets or smartphones.

We invite you to visit our website next month and see what no-till resources we have to offer.

Meanwhile, it’s time for you to give us a grade. How helpful is Dryland No-Tiller in helping you succeed with no-till? How could we make this e-newsletter even better? Drop me a note and let me know.

Your input is extremely important as we look to continue improving this e-newsletter.