Water Management

Increased Nitrogen Rates May Lead to More Acid Soil Concerns

Experts explain how soil sampling by layers and effective liming can help no-tillers overcome the ‘additive’ effect on soil acidity.
Concerns among no-tillers about the impact of high nitrogen (N) rates on soil acidity appear to be on the increase. And it’s more of a problem with continuous no-till since some growers are spreading less lime due to increasing soil organic matter and decomposition.
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Going to War for Water?

A new documentary about extreme drought, agriculture and the continuing water crisis in the western U.S. underscores why adoption of no-till, improved soil health, precision irrigation and other conservation tools is critically important.
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Reflecting on the Value of Water

Water value might be defined a variety of ways by different people, but it all points to the bottom line.
I’ve been thinking about the value of water and what this resource means to our communities. Since we’ve tapped into this resource we have experienced significant economic growth in our agricultural community, primarily with center pivot irrigation.
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