Residue Management


Building Soils, Feeding Crops with Green and Brown Carbon

Feeding soil life and creating an ideal home for soil “livestock” improves soil structure and health, giving crops the ability to capture and retain more moisture, minerals and sunshine.
As a dairy guy, I realized you have to treat soils like you would treat a cow. In a cow, we talk about digestion and give them feed. In soils, we talk about residues that have to be rotted down. But it’s still a biological system and there’s still minerals involved.
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10 Tips for Managing Residue Both During and After Harvest

High-tech corn heads, straw choppers, vertical tillage and more can help growers get fields ready for the next growing season.
It’s often said that a successful season in a no-till system starts with last season’s harvest. That means how no-tillers and strip-tillers manage field residue can either help or hurt when it comes time to plant the following spring.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

No-Till and Cover Crops Give Tired Soils New Life

It was an uphill battle, but these Missouri no-tillers returned productivity to a heavily depleted farm.
A cross-state move and knowing the potential of no-till bought our family and the land we purchased a fresh start. A commitment to cover crops gave us a mid-race boost we’re still riding.
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Crop Residue Affects Soil Life Between Growing Seasons

After harvest in the fall, farmers take the harvested crops to market or store them on their farm. They don't take the whole plant from the field, though. The leftover parts of the plant, like the stalk and leaves from corn, remain in the field. This debris is called crop residue. Read more in this article from and the American Society of Agronomy.
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How Much Do You Know About Soil Enrichment Practices?

On-farm soil enrichment practices can help combat climate change by rebuilding the organic matter in soil and restoring degraded soil biodiversity. To test your soil enrichment knowledge, No-Till Farmer created a 6-question quiz. Take the quiz and we’ll send you a copy of your quiz results and a FREE PDF copy of the 19-page special report, “Insights Into Using Soil Enrichment Principles on Your Farm.”

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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

A New Legacy of Improving Economy, Profitability and Best Practices

Trent Profit builds on years of conservation practices to take his family farm to the next level.
I WAS BORN into no-till and there’s a running joke I wouldn’t know how to drive a tractor straight if I had to thanks to the family’s quick adoption of guidance technology.
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