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New Control For Nematodes

Over the past few years, numerous benefits have been demonstrated for seeding annual ryegrass as a cover crop in a no-till system. However, another exciting benefit may be the use of this cover crop as an alternative method for controlling soybean cyst nematodes (SCN), which can cost a no-tiller as much as 15 bushels per acre in lost soybean yields.
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Spray Pattern Dynamics: Single Flat Spray vs. Twin Flat Spray

Despite earlier recommendations, twin flat fan nozzles don’t offer the canopy penetration needed to fight Asian soybean rust.
After the asian soybean rust scare hit in autumn of 2004, many of us in the sprayer industry began advocating the use of twin flat fan nozzles to better treat the disease. It turns out we were wrong. By creating two spray patterns out of one, twin flat fan nozzles reduce the force of each spray by half, meaning there is not much force with which to penetrate the soybean canopy.
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Getting No-Till Soybean Pests Under Control

No-tillers are looking for the latest technology to help push up soybean yields.
With an emphasis on growing fewer soybean acres due to this year's move toward more continuous corn, no-tillers are looking for new ways to boost soybean yields. And attendees at last winter's 15th annual National No-Tillage Conference learned that a number of new pesticide developments can definitely help in the control of insects, diseases and weeds.
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New Pesticide Solutions To New Concerns

With an anticipated surge of continuous corn acres in 2007, many no-tillers are anticipating more problems with weeds, insects and diseases. There’s also a growing concern about weed resistance problems with increased use of glyphosate-tolerant corn hybrids.
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With Pesticide Management, Effective Application Is Critical

Spraying equipment is getting more attention than ever from no-tillers.
Now that most no-tillers have pretty much mastered the chemical side of pesticide management, they’re paying more attention to application costs, timeliness and equipment selection. This means more no-tillers will be doing more of their own pesticide applications in the future.
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Hit Those Weeds Early

Early-season weed competition may be one of the biggest contributors to unseen yield losses in herbicide-tolerant corn.
To harvest the highest possible corn yields with conservation tillage, weed scientists maintain early weed control is essential. Weeds that emerge at the same time as corn plants are much more competitive with a growing crop than later-emerging weeds.
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