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What Does Weed Control Cost?

A recent study by Virginia Polytechnic University educators sheds some light on the true cost of no-till weed control. Besides looking at herbicide costs, the study took a close look at the role that manure application rates have in determining weed-control costs.
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Slugs Slither Into Spring

Higher slug counts will put many no-tillers on special alert this spring.
David Graham steps out of his red pickup truck and into the barren field. He pulls out his pocketknife, digs into the corn stalks and within 2 minutes uncovers two slugs — one brown and another one black. The slimy creatures slither up the silver blade of his knife.
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Why The Debut Of Roundup Ready Wheat Is Being

Because of several concerns, Monsanto is delaying the introduction of its bioengineered Roundup Ready wheat by at least a year. The company's new timetable will delay, until at least 2004 and possibly 2005, the introduction of Roundup-resistant wheat.
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Get After Those Troublesome No-Till Corn Insects!

A review of proven insect-control measures offers new ideas for combatting no-till pests.
Additional uses for several older products may let you do a better job of controlling insects in your no-tilled corn this summer. Here's what company reps had to say about getting more effective insect control in no-tilled corn at this year's National No-Tillage Conference.
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Find New Weed Solutions For No-Tilled Soybeans

Check these unique ideas for more effectively using previously available no-till soybean herbicides.
Despite a lack of new herbicides coming on the market this year for no-till soybean weed control, attendees at the 10th annual National No-Tillage Conference still picked up a number of valuable weed-control ideas.
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