Source: Syngenta

Syngenta announced the EPA granted federal registration of its corn herbicide Acuron. 

Shown to control 70-plus weeds, including broadleaf and grass weeds like Palmer amaranth, marestail and more, Acuron contains the novel chemistry bicyclopyrone, which complements the three other active ingredients in the premix. Altogether, the four active ingredients provide three modes of action.  

As one of six commitments of The Good Growth Plan announced in September 2013, Syngenta is committed to making crops more efficient with a goal of increasing the average productivity of the world’s major crops by 20% without using more land, water or inputs. Syngenta believes the better level of weed control made possible by Acuron will be a critical component in helping farmers manage their operations and make corn production more sustainable. 

State registrations for Acuron are still pending, and supplies for 2015 will be limited. 

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