The EPA has approved the registration of Dow AgroSciences’ Resicore herbicide, which will be available to growers for the 2016 growing season. 

Resicore is different from other premixes on the market particularly because it has three active ingredients growers have never seen together before in a single product,” says Luke Peters, corn herbicides product manager. “The novel formulation has the right balance of active ingredients to offer superior weed control deep into the growing season.”

The three active ingredients — acetochlor, mesotrione and clopyralid — provide three non-glyphosate and non-atrazine modes of action to help growers manage herbicide resistance by controlling weeds in multiple ways.

“The best time to control weeds is before they are out of the ground,” says Jonathan Huff, market development specialist. “We want to reduce as much early season weed competition we can by using a pre-emergence, residual herbicide so our crops are not competing with yield-robbing weeds.”

Some of corn’s toughest enemies include waterhemp, giant ragweed, Palmer amaranth, morningglory and marestail. Resicore has been proven to control these troublesome weeds and more than 70 other species growers deal with each season.

Resicore can be applied pre-plant to early post-emergence, and can be used with conventional, reduced- or no-till corn systems. It is tank-mix-compatible with atrazine, glyphosate and other corn herbicides, giving growers the flexibility they need to customize their program to current conditions and weed pressure.

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