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Seed Right!

All seeding rigs have their pros and cons, but here's a special design that's darn near perfect.
I don't care who you are or where you live, seeding crops into your no-till fields is never a vacation. There’s always things that break down, conditions that are less than favorable or just not enough time in the day.
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Get Closer to Record Yields

Ever think that you could be no-tilling record yields in every field on your farm? Researchers at Texas A&M University say harvesting the equivalent of record yields every year from every field will not only be possible in the future, but they believe the means of doing so are already being developed.
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Soybeans, Corn Finally Being Bred For No-Till

After starting in 1972, one of the first questions our editors asked seed companies concerned which varieties and hybrids were most suited for no-till. It’s a question we’ve continued to ask for 28 years as most companies have been reluctant to run the specialized cold tolerance tests that are essential in identifying these varieties and hybrids.
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Add More No-TIll Value!

Adding specialty crops to your no-till operation can definitely increase your profits. Here's how to do it right, from a veteran no-tiller who's definitely making it work.
“We're all looking for more profit per acre,” says Kent Krukewitt, “and that’s my incentive for growing value-added crops.”
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No-Tilling When It's Only 14 Degrees

Thanks to polymer protected seed, this farmer is no-tiling on extremely cold November days 170 miles north of the Canadian border.
While the temperature may be brisk, fall seeding has definitely paid off for Saskatchewan no-tiller Gerry Willerth.
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Value-Added Crops Are Coming!

Polling attendees at National No-Tillage Conference shed new light on present--and future--practices with value-added crops in no-till farming.
With the dawning of the new millennium, no-tillers certainly didn’t disappoint anyone when it comes to including new ideas in their farming practices.
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Needed: New Ways To Expand No-TIll Acres!

Here's what veterans say about the advantages of no-tilling, concerns keeping other farmers from trying it and their thoughts on expanding no-till acres.
“I don't get it,” a leading farm magazine editor said to me at the conclusion of the seventh National No-Tillage Conference in St. Louis, Mo., in January of 1999.
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