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How to Check Your Seed Tubes and Seed Tube Guards for Wear

As your planter goes through the field, the turning disc openers can contact the bottom of the seed tube, which can eventually wear off the end of the seed tube. For good seed placement, inspect your seed tubes to make sure there's no wear at the bottom of them. The Planter Maintenance series is brought to you by Precision Planting.

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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

No-Till, Cover Crops and Cattle Bring Revenue to Offset Tight Margins

Finding ways to extract more income from the same acres carves space for the next generation on this Illinois farm.

WE MAY DRIVE red equipment, but green is our favorite color by far. A perfectly plowed field has nothing on the brilliant green mat dotted with hairy vetch flowers that dominates our tractor cab view when my cousin, Tim Imhoff, and I seed our crops. 

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Seed Selection Can Help Manage Diseases Next Year

Careful corn hybrid and soybean variety selection can help manage diseases.

With harvest in full swing, now is the time to think about how you can minimize diseases next growing season. Although this year generally had less disease pressure in corn and soybean in Nebraska, reviewing diseases that have caused you issues in previous years can help you select more disease-resistant corn hybrids and soybean varieties for the upcoming season.

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Beck's Expands West into Nebraska

The company's marketing area now covers 15 states and 75% of U.S. corn and soybean farmers.

Retail seed company Beck's is expanding its territory into the state of Nebraska. This expansion adds more than 15 million acres of corn and soybeans to Beck's marketing area, bringing its total reach to 75% of the corn and soybean farmers in the U.S. 

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The No-Till Planter Race: Did IH Get There Before A-C?

International Harvester appears to have been the first to come to market with a no-till concept planter — 13 years before Allis-Chalmers’ model found commercial success in 1966. But IH exited production just 2 years later after only 23 shipments.
As our staff was delving into research for the “Timeline of No-Till History," ​the No-Till Museum we’ll be bringing to the National No-Tillage Conference in Louisville, and an all-new history series planned in 2022 to mark the “triple crown” of no-till milestones, we discovered some mystery over the first no-till planter. And it’s the kind of discovery that’s sure to fuel additional debates.
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