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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Getting by with Less is Giving this No-Tiller More to Cheer About

Reducing tillage, slashing nitrogen, cutting seed treatments and opting for untraited corn have savings adding up and profits peaking.
I wanted to no-till. I would search out no-till planters online or in classified ads and just wish. But with only 240 acres, I just couldn’t justify the expense — at least not until a supportive friend stepped in.
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How early is too early when planting corn and soybeans?

Corn and soybeans are warm-season crops, meaning they prefer to grow during the warmest part of the year. When spring-season temperatures are cool, row crop germination comes to mind. To get ahead of the game, many farmers will plant their corn and soybeans earlier than recommended, but how early is too early?

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Tips for Planting in Dry Conditions

As of April 19, the Nebraska Drought Monitor shows 96% of Nebraska in moderate to extreme drought. With planting being critical for everything else that happens during the growing season, the dry conditions have led to a variety of questions this planting season. In this article educators from the University of Nebraska work through the questions they've received.

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