Just last week a farmer proved that combines can be handy for more than just farming; in this case, helping to catch a criminal.

When a fugitive was found hiding in a cornfield behind the Sloan Implement’s dealership in Assumption, Ill., the dealership team and a local farmer worked with law enforcement to catch the man. On Friday, Sloan Implement released drone footage showing the chase to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The video, humorously playing off the COPS TV show, plays the well-known theme song and flashes the title CROPS across the screen. As the video begins, the farmer is shown running his combine through the cornfield to flush out the fugitive who can be seen running from the field and into the road. The fugitive is then seen running into another field and an adjacent yard before being corralled in my law enforcement.

Thanks to the work of the farmer, Sloan Implement and law enforcement, the fugitive was caught in a timely manner and some fun footage came with it. View the video below.