According to USDA’s Sept. 23 Crop Progress report, 7% of corn has been harvested, but few growers in the big corn states have taken their combines out the shed. Meanwhile, soybeans still have a lot of catching up to do. Overall, the condition of both crops is little changed from the past few weeks.

An estimated 96% of corn is in the dough stage vs. 100% a year ago and the 5 year average of 100%. Corn in the dented stage remains behind the curve at 79% compared to 96% last year on this date and the 5 year average of 94%.

At 29%, corn considered mature is far behind last year’s pace when 69% of the crop was at this stage. The 5 year average for Sept. 22 is 57%.

USDA also reported that 7% of corn acres have been harvested so far, mostly in the south (81%, North Carolina, 65% Texas, 58% Tennessee). Iowa, the biggest state for corn production, has seen no harvest as of Sunday, while Illinois growers have about 2% in the bin, Indiana 3%, Missouri 15%, Nebraska 3% and 0% in South Dakota.

Overall, the condition of this year’s corn crop is little changed from the previous week, with 46% rated as “good” (vs. 44% last week) and 11% as “excellent” (same as last week).

Slightly over one-third (34%) of soybeans are dropping leaves compared to 68% for this date in 2018 and the 5 year average of 59%.

The condition of the 2019 soybean crop was unchanged from the previous week, with 45% rated as “good” and 9% rated as “excellent.” This compares to a year ago when 49% of soybeans were reported to be “good” condition and 19% in “excellent” condition.