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Protecting, Preserving Tires in Those Tough No-Till Situations (NNTC 2011 Presentation) - MP3 Download


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The best no-till practices coupled with newer, stronger hybrids have created a harsh environment where the likelihood of stubble damage to tires has dramatically increased. More no-tillers are faced with costly tire replacement and down time in the field.

While tire manufacturers are working with new designs and stronger materials to lessen the issue, it’s certain that as long as tires are designed to hold air in a chamber, stubble damage will be problematic unless steps are taken to reduce the issue. Scott Sloan of Titan International will share tactics and common-sense tips you can take to stop the costly occurrence of down time and tire replacement from stubble damage.

(Total Run Time: 26 Minutes; File Size: 12.5 Megabytes)

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