Bayer CropScience and Monsanto Co. have entered into an exclusive agreement on the use of Poncho/Votivo seed treatment.

Offered exclusively with Acceleron seed treatment products for corn, Poncho/Votivo seed treatment from Bayer CropScience combines a leading corn seed-applied insecticide with a new living-barrier approach to nematode protection.

Data from BayerCropScience shows that the 500 rate of Poncho delivers increased control of wireworm, black cutworm, white grub and other early season pests. And 4 years of field research shows that Poncho/Votivo delivers an average 6 to 8 bushels per yield more corn over a 250 rate of Poncho.

“We look forward to this opportunity to provide growers with advanced technology that combines Bayer CropScience innovation in seed treatment with Monsanto innovation in seed,” says Bill Buckner, president and chief executive officer of Bayer CropScience. “This combination will help ensure that corn growers can have the best protection against yield-robbing nematodes and early season insects.”

New Poncho/Votivo provides a biological mode of action that introduces a revolutionary way to protect corn seedlings and roots against nematodes. It contains bacteria that live and grow with young corn roots, protecting against a broad range of nematodes that feed on corn.

Under the agreement, Monsanto will have exclusive rights to commercialize Poncho/Votivo with the 500 rate of Poncho under its DeKalb corn brand, the Channel brand and regional brands. It will also be able to license the product through its licensing business, which serves more than 180 corn seed companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Additional details of the agreement were not disclosed.

Orders for Acceleron seed treatment products, including Poncho/Votivo are being taken now for the 2011 growing season by local seed dealers.