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Be Mindful Of Crop Insurance Requirements When Harvesting Or Grazing Cover Crops

In a time of tight supplies of both forage and agricultural land, many producers are interested in making use of cover crops as alternative forages. Most cover crop species used in Michigan also have a long history of use as forage crops for livestock and offer great potential for dual use to improve soil while providing forage. However, if the cover-cropped acreage is also enrolled in a crop insurance program, Michigan State University Extension reminds farmers that it is important to recognize how intended use as forage may impact the insurance policy.

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Use No-Till To Beat Government Crackdown On Dust Concerns

California officials are looking to no-tilling to maintain yields while eliminating huge amounts of dust that can hurt human health. Will you be ready if the government regulates dust from cropping practices?
Perhaps you haven’T thought about the amount of dust you generate in a given day. But lawmakers have, and that’s why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking a hard look at the amount of dust generated on farms and how this dust affects both air quality and human health.
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Federal, Judicial Decisions Capture Attention Of Pesticide Industry

Drastic changes in the regulation of agricultural biotechnology products might lie ahead for many no-tillers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is considering an overhaul of the regulations to include consideration of the environmental impact of biotech crops. Since 1987, when the USDA began regulating biotech products, the regulations emphasized only biotech’s effect on human health.
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