Adding Flexibility To Strip-Till

North Dakota producer adapts strip-till rig for maximum flexibility in both the fall and spring
When it comes to equipment, Eric Larson is all about maximizing his investment, no matter what the season. So when he began researching strip-till units, he wanted one that could run in both the spring and fall, and adapt to changing conditions.
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Are Your No-Till Soils Getting A Balanced Diet?

Fertility expert Neal Kinsey covers all the basics necessary for nurturing soils so they become a thriving, productive living system.
“Not only is each individual element necessary, but a balance of all soil elements is necessary...”— Neal Kinsey. Fertility expert Neal Kinsey covers all the basics necessary for nurturing soils so they become a thriving, productive living system.
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11 Things He’s Learned About Strip-Till

20 years after inventing the Corn Belt’s version of the strip-till rig, Richard Follmer shares a few of the practice’s advantages and must-do tips and techniques.
If you haven't heard of Richard Follmer, just know that you've probably used a version of his invention if you've used a strip-till unit recently. The owner of Progressive Farm Products in Hudson, Ill., invented the midmount, dual-placement strip-till toolbar that is being used by thousands of Corn Belt farmers.
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The No-Till Target: Efficient Fertilizer Placement

How and where you apply your fertilizer — and in what form — can make a big impact on your no-till yields.
What producer doesn’t want to make the most efficient use of their fertilizer dollars? But more than ever, no-tillers are looking for ways to slash fertilizer costs while maximizing corn, soybean and wheat yields, says Phil Needham.
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Harvesting No-Till Corn Residue For Energy Proves Challenging

Revenue from cobs, stover isn’t currently keeping up with cost of harvest, nutrient replacement.
Today’s ethanol industry continues to look to agricultural as a fuel source. While grain has seen the lion’s share of interest, corn residue holds promise as another potential fuel source.
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$5,000 Grant, Used Parts Lead To Homemade Strip-Till Rig

This 6-row, 30-inch unit drops dry fertilizer along the row and incorporates anhydrous ammonia in one pass for Iowa strip-tiller.
Having his own strip-till unit to put down pre-plant nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for corn was an idea that always bubbled on the back burner for Fred Abels. The Holland, Iowa, no-tiller thought he could incorporate just such a home-built unit into his current no-till operation.
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Acting Responsibly With Their Nutrient Practices

Cover crops, tissue samples, prescription applications, manure runoff control and many other practices used by several no-tillers to maximize soil fertility.
Besides the payback for getting the most bang for their nutrient buck, several no-till farmers were recognized for their efficient and environmentally sound fertility practices through the Responsible Nutrient Management Practitioner’s Program.
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