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Big Roots from Ryegrass Build ‘Highways’ in the Soil

Ralph Upton Jr. shares how annual ryegrass busted the plow pan, boosted soil organic matter and improved corn yields above the county average.
We've got two different soils on our farm in Springerton, Ill.: What we call hill ground, and then bottom ground. The hill ground has got plenty of problems, and the bottom ground — if you don’t have too many water problems — will do a real good job of growing crops.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Breaking Through The Plow Pan, Taking No-Till To New Heights

Ralph Upton Jr. didn’t know how his early gamble on no-till and cover crops would pay off, but he’s reaping the rewards for his sustainable investment.
If we’re talking cover crops, I could keep a person up all night. Cover crops are truly amazing in what they can accomplish, and the number of different hats they can wear on the farm.
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No-Till Notes

Tackling Drainage And Compaction In No-Till

Strong soil structure, proper nutrient levels and adequate tiling hold the answer to improving drainage challenges in no-till fields.
When it comes to no-till, getting your crops planted and off to a good start is paramount. But wet conditions in a field, or a portion of a field, may limit your ability to plant. That can lead to reduced stands and possibly lower yield potential.
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