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Strategies for Drought Management on Pastures

Vanessa Corriher-Olson, Ph.D., Overton, and Jamie Foster, Ph.D., Beeville, said careful management early in a drought can minimize long-term stand damage and help maintain forage yields when rains do come.

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Horsch Academy: Strategies & Solutions for Modern Weed Management [Webinar]

This webinar explores the current situation with herbicide resistance in North America, discusses some smoking guns out there that are increasing the problem, and delves into some strategies for farmers to incorporate on their farms to combat this on going challenge. [To view any of our webinar replays, you must be logged in with a free user account.]
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New Mutations for Herbicide Resistance Rarer than Expected, Study Finds

Seeking to better understand herbicide resistance, researchers exposed more than 70 million grain amaranth seeds to a soil-based herbicide. Though preliminary, the findings suggest that the mutation rate in amaranth is very low, and that low-level herbicide application contributes little — if anything — to the onset of new mutations conferring resistance, say researchers at the University of Illinois.
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Managing Weeds in a No-Till System

A primary principle in no-till farming is that tillage dramatically disturbs the soil, decreasing water infiltration capacity and increasing the likelihood of erosion, and yet many farmers continue to use tillage to deal with weeds that would otherwise hamper crop production in their fields. A no-till system offers techniques for killing weeds which do not destroy the structure of the soil the way tillage does.
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