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From Green to Brown: Tips for Getting Better Results Terminating Cover Crops

Spraying covers at the right time, with the right product is key to killing covers and improving nutrient release, residue breakdown.
While choosing the right cover crop, or mix of covers, for a farm can be a challenge, there’s also an art to terminating covers that don’t winterkill with the right products at the right time.
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Dicamba Shortage Burndown Options

From visiting with retailers the past month it is very apparent there will be a major shortage of dicamba for burndown again this spring. A number of folks from different retailers have stated that they have been allocated only a fraction of all the dicamba they sold two years ago.
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No-Till Notes

Warm Spring Changes Weed Control Game

Earlier scouting and herbicide applications may be needed to control higher winter-survival rates of winter annual, biennial and perennial weeds.
The mild winter and early spring conditions we’ve seen may have implications for this season’s weed and pest control.
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Iowa Farmer Proves To Himself That No-Till Works

While no-till was a no-brainer on highly erodible land, Nate Ronsiek proved through field trials that it would yield on challenging bottomland soils.
Highly erodible soils shaped into gently rolling hills seemed to Nate Ronsiek like the perfect place to implement the no-till farming practices he learned as a student at Kansas State University. Ronsiek started developing his no-till plan in 2005 when he began taking over the family farm outside Hawarden in northwest Iowa.
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New Quad Stack Protects Against Both Corn Insects And Weeds

Syngenta’s new Agrisure 3000 GT offers a new look at a high-performing stack of corn traits that delivers both weed and insect protection and flexibility.
Featuring a four-way stack that protects the crop against both corn borer and corn rootworm while providing exceptional tolerance to in-season applications of both glyphosate and Liberty herbicides, Agrisure 3000GT is the latest addition to Syngenta’s lineup of high-performance corn traits.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

No-Till To Stop Erosion Before It Starts!

With faith that no-till is totally compatible with Mother Nature, this Iowan believes it represents farming’s future both economically and environmentally.
During my 13 years in the Air Force after graduating from Iowa State University in 1956, a lot of things changed. In the military, I was part of a two-man team that flew the experimental SR-71, which became the world’s fastest airplane. It still holds speed records of more than 2,000 miles per hour.
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