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Farm Roots Get New Beginning

Wisconsin's State Fair is in full swing this week. I always love attending this annual event, with its lively mix of music, food and, of course, agriculture. This year, however, it takes on added meaning for me as I embrace the new role of managing editor of No-Till Farmer.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Locked Down No-Till System Protects Sloping Fields, Profits

Iowa no-tiller and American Soybean Assn. chairman Ray Gaesser is adapting his no-till system to better manage aggressive weather patterns.
We thought we had no-till down pretty good, at least as far as controlling water erosion, but Mother Nature always likes to put you in your place when you get a little too confident.
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John Deere Launches New Seed Delivery Technology

At the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., John Deere introduced it's new ExactEmerge seed delivery row unit system, allowing for the most accurate planting at speeds up to 10 mph along with the new MaxEmerge 5 row units for planting at traditional speeds.
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Corn Stover Removal And No-Till: A Balancing Act

No-tillers that follow guidelines can remove some stover from continuous-corn fields and still warm up soils, improve nitrogen efficiency and retain organic matter.
No-tillers growing continuous corn often face a dilemma when residue piles up in their fields after harvest, leaving a mat that can keep soils cold and wet and make planting difficult.
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Deere, Hillco Design Corn Cob Collector

As part of its global long-term strategy supporting the utilization of sustainable biomass feedstocks for the renewable fuels industry, John Deere, in a developmental partnership with Hillco Technologies, Inc., introduces a cob collection system for John Deere STS Combines.
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Deere Quits Cap-And-Trade Coalition

Deere & Co. has quietly dropped out of a coalition of large companies that has supported a cap-and-trade program for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
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