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What No-Tillers Stand to Gain from Working with Ag Startups

National No-Tillage Conference Returns Jan. 9-12
Attend no-tiller Clay Mitchell's upcoming session at the National No-Tillage Conference and learn how early emphasis on product-market fit creates different behavior patterns from companies focused on profitability, why startup efforts spent on fundraising can catastrophically detract from customer focus and which of today’s most successful products are tomorrow’s buggy whips.
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Controlled Traffic's Benefits Piling Up

Research worldwide shows these systems can boost yields and soil health, and starting the practice in the U.S. isn't as difficult as many no-tillers think.
As farm sizes continue to increase, the size, working width and overall weight of farm equipment continues to grow proportionally. Some of the heaviest farm equipment has axle loads exceeding 20 tons.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

7 Steps To Making Precision Technology Work

Clay and Wade Mitchell took seven crucial steps to convert their Iowa farm into the world’s “highest tech” ag production system.
In a recent entry on The Mitchell Farm Web site (, I wrote that “effectiveness comes from getting the one piece of information necessary to make a decision and leaving the rest unseen.” I was referring to how easy it is to get smothered in GPS field-generated data, but often not knowing how to put it to work.
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