After reading Fifty Years of Disruptive Innovation over a recent weekend and reflecting on the many examples of innovation, passion and perseverance found in Jon Kinzenbaw’s story, No-Till Farmer requested permission to share an excerpt of the book’s content with our subscribers.

What follows is one of the chapters from the recently released book, detailing a “make-or-break” moment in the company’s history and the battle over its innovative work with planters and other equipment.

Because of the fact that many of today’s growers are no-tilling with Kinze planters, we felt our subscribers would be keenly interested in this drawn-out  “David and Goliath” legal battle.

The chapter appears at the link below in its entirety, unedited, and in Kinzenbaw’s own words.

'The Rear-Fold Planter and the Battle that Ensued'