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9th Annual Benchmark Study

No-Tillers Hit New Yield Records Across the Board

No-tilled corn and soybean yields climbed to new highs in the history of the study, while most U.S. regions saw better yields than 2015.
No-tillers had one of the best crop performances in the history of No-Till Farmer’s annual No-Till Operational Benchmark Study, hitting record corn and soybean yield averages overall and beating 2015 yields in most regions.
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From the Desk of Laura Barrera

Will Politics Affect Your Crop Rotation?

Two of the biggest issues President Trump focused on during his election campaign were ending illegal immigration, mainly from Mexico, and trade policy. And now U.S. corn farmers may feel the backlash of that agenda.
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Mixing Up a Sprayer Solution for an Effective Herbicide Kill

Accurate measurements, water pH and hardness, and the use of adjuvants are all key to ensuring every spray droplet makes it into the weed or cover crop.

Herbicides are one of the most critical tools used on no-till operations. But you may not be utilizing these chemicals as effectively as you could, which can result in increased herbicide resistance or another pass across the field to clean up any yield-robbing weeds or cover crops.

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From the Desk of Laura Barrera

5 Fast Takeaways from the 2017 NNTC

A month has passed since nearly 1,000 people gathered in St. Louis for the 25th annual National No-Tillage Conference, and as usual, I returned to Milwaukee with a list of story ideas, questions to explore and a wealth of information to share with our No-Till Farmer readers.
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Getting a Better Gauge on No-Till Soil Livestock

Using soil health tests can help no-tillers determine how their soils are performing and set a solid baseline to track improvements for years to come.
Given the numerous beneficial roles soil biology plays in crop production — including nutrient cycling, water-holding capacity and disease suppression — more no-tillers want to learn how well their soil biology is and what they can do to improve it.
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Cover Crops Offer Bright Future for Weed Control, Further Conservation

Illinois grower Randy Chapman hopes cover crops will help him move from strip-till to 100% no-till while cleaning up herbicide-resistant weeds.
When Randy Chapman started farming with his father, he knew they weren’t going to have the help they needed for labor. He also didn’t like the erosion he witnessed from tillage and realized they had to do something different.
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Crop Protection 2017

New Dicamba Formulations Will Require Strict Adherence

No-tillers have new weapons to fight resistant weeds, but they must closely follow product labels to prevent off-target injury.
Illegal use of dicamba this past summer — which resulted in thousands of soybean acres and many acres of other crops damaged in Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee — shows just how desperate some growers were to control herbicide-resistant weeds.
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