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Herbicides Are Tools, Not The Answers

Don’t expect higher no-till yields with herbicides. Instead, expect herbicides to protect your crop profits.
It makes sense to think that the more inputs you add to a no-till field, the bigger the yield you should expect. But herbicides require different thinking, says Chris Boerboom.
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A New Role For Bt Corn

On droughty soils in the southeastern region of the country, agronomists are suggesting a continuous double-crop no-till rotation. Many growers plant small grain followed by soybeans and then rotate to corn or cotton the following year.
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The No-Till Answer Man!

As part of this continuing series, an Indiana farmer tackles your most frequently asked no-tilling questions.
Here are my thoughts on recently asked questions by No-Till Farmer readers. Remember that your particular farming circumstances may result in entirely different answers to these particular concerns.
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Finding Cyanazine Options

For the first time, the maximum labeled rate of cyan­azine will fall to 3 pounds of active ingredient per acre in 1998. As a result of an agreement between the Environmental Protection Agency and DuPont, products like Bladex, Extrazine II, Cy-Pro and Cy-Pro AT that contain this ingredient are being phased out.
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